Food core thermometer,Insertion Thermometer

Model no. BT20 manufactured by Trotec,Germany is an insertion thermometer with a needle. The user can insert the needle into the food-core-thermometermaterial for which the temperature need to be measured. Typical applications are for measuring the temperature during food processing, food storage etc. As it is used for measuring the temperature deep inside, it is generally known as food core thermometer. Various other terminologies used for the same are probe thermometer, insertion thermometer, penetration thermometer etc.

Technical details of probe thermometer model BT20

Major features of BT 20 thermometer are given here:

  1. Quick and easy core temperature measurements.
  2. Wide measuring range from -40°C to 240 °C.
  3. Maximum or minimum value and hold function.
  4. Simple handling and cleaning.insertion-thermometer-with-cover
  5. Quick response time.
  6. Soft-touch rubber protective cover.
  7. Stainless steel measuring tip.
  8. Optimum price-performance-ratio.

Technical details

  1. Measuring range in °C is from -40°C to 240°C.
  2. Measuring range in °F is from -40°F to 482°F.
  3. The accuracy of reading is 0.1°C or 0.1°F.
  4. Resolution of reading is  0.1°C or 0.1°F.
  5. Response time is 2 seconds.
  6. Display type is  LCD screen.
  7. The power supply is by an internal battery of AAA size.control-buttons-probe-thermometer
  8. The weight of this insertion thermometer is 40 grams.
  9. Length x Width x Height  : 211 x 19 x 32 mm

Functions available through control buttons

The following major functions are available through buttons near the display screen of the probe thermometer.

  1. Switch between °C to °F and vice versa.
  2. Maximum  value displays on the screen.
  3. Minimum value displays on the screen.
  4. Hold function.
  5. Auto power off after a time delay.

The BT20 contact thermometer is ideal for not only measuring the temperature of your favorite Sunday roast but also a variety of different applications in the catering trade, laboratories, trade and industry as well as professional and hobby

The long, slim, stainless steel measuring tip and the wide measuring range from -40 °Cto +250 °C make this practical insertion thermometer ideal for a variety of measuring applications in gastronomy, trade, craft and industry, as well as in laboratories and for hobby enthusiasts.The BT20 is equipped with a long, thin stainless steel needle which determines the core temperature in only 2 seconds.

The plastic housing of the BT20 can be cleaned easily and is fitted with both a rubber, soft-touch, protective cover for exceptional grip and also a splash guard.

Because the BT20 is so hygienic to use it is excellently suited for inspections in the food processing industry and for food inspectors who appreciate an easy and efficient means to determine the core temperature of different foods in conformity with HACCP requirements.













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