Why is Temperature Mapping needed?

Temperature mapping, often known as thermal mapping, is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) meant to assist firms monitor and maintain the bounds of an entire environment. It is the act of installing data loggers that record temperature data for monitoring and analysis, as the products can become unsafe or worthless if maintained in the wrong circumstances. 

This technique is designed to keep temperature and humidity levels stable in a controlled environment, such as a warehouse, refrigerator, or vehicle. It aids in identifying hot places, understanding how climatic changes affect internal temperature, and better managing storage. Temperature mapping can be performed using a variety of equipment. Refrigerators, freezers (including ULTs), and incubators are a few examples. These kinds of instruments are quite little. However, far larger regions, such as those found in warehouses or cold storage rooms, can also be mapped.

Temperature mapping is used to examine whether a storage space can keep its temperature within specified parameters (Fridges, Freezers, Rooms, Warehouses and Incubators etc.). Sensors are placed in pre-defined positions across the unit/room to ensure that it performs within predefined set points. 

To obtain a complete picture of the overall temperature, data loggers should be dispersed equally throughout the room. For a 10 cubic meter room, users will typically select a 9 or 10-point mapping. This means that one data logger will be installed in each corner at the top and bottom of the room, with one sensor in the center, for a total of nine points. In addition, some users will want to monitor the room’s ambient temperature, for a total of 10-points.

After that, the data loggers are left in position for a predetermined amount of time. This could be for as short as 24 hours or for several days in the case of larger locations such as a transport vehicle or warehouse.

A mapping research has no defined time limit. Typically, it should be run for at least seven consecutive days in warehouses and other ambient storage spaces, including five working days and two weekends.

After completing a mapping research, it is critical to compile all of the data and present it in a relevant manner. This is done so that internal personnel and an external auditor can appropriately analyze it. Data is typically shown as a graph, with the raw data stored in Excel format. Data must be presented clearly so that it can be reviewed during an external audit.

The aim of temperature mapping is to discover hot spots, understand how climatic changes affect internal temperature, and better manage your product’s storage. Temperature mapping should be done twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter, according to the MHRA. Temperature mapping is needed for various reasons and some of them are :- 

  1. to identify any potential hot or cold locations that may jeopardize temperature-sensitive contents
  2. to assess the impact of individuals interacting with the area, such as door openings
  3. assess the impact of a power outage or fan failure on the contents
  4. understanding the temperature distribution when the area is filled or vacant

A temperature mapping survey can disclose a ton of knowledge about your installation’s dynamics and performance. This is all the information you need to confirm the system’s proper operation or to discover and remedy potential performance flaws. This mapping activity assures compliance while also allowing proper warehouse utilization and a better understanding of temperature-sensitive products.

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Vacker ties up with Roambee, USA for Bluetooth monitoring systems

Roambee, USA the leading supplier of Bluetooth data loggers for monitoring various parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Location etc.

You can have a single monitoring system for your warehouses, cold rooms, fleet, containers etc. over air, sea and land transportation. You do not need to have separate monitoring and alert systems any more.wireless-data-logger-for-temperature-GPSLocation-vibration-pressure

VackerGlobal is a leading Engineering company providing various types of monitoring systems, leak detection systems, automation solutions etc. VackerGlobal has tied up with Roambee to distribute its products mainly in the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries.

Asset monitoring by wireless Dataloggers

The existing technologies are stand-alone data loggers, Radiofrequency data loggers, RFID monitoring system etc. In comparison to all these technologies, Roambee offers a lot of additional advantages as listed below:

  1. It can track real-time location with a SIM card based device.
  2. It can transmit Real-time condition of the assets being monitored.
  3. The customer can monitor Item-level status across the supply chain instead of the overall status.wireless-tracking-of-GPS-temperature-Fleet-container
  4. You can use it for all mode of transports covering road, rail, air, sea etc. 
  5. The customer does not need to set up any local networking infrastructure for collection and transmission of data.
  6. It is possible to integrate with most of the existing ERP and CRM software systems. In order to check compatibility with your existing software, please contact one of our offices.

Single wireless data logger for all your Monitoring needs

The Roambee system can monitor the following parameters and more are being added:

  1. The physical location of the asset such as a container, truck etc.
  2. The temperature of the consignment.
  3. The humidity of the consignment.monitoring-system-for-warehouse-containers-fleets-GPS-temperature
  4. The altitude or pressure of the asset.
  5. Shock or vibration of sensitive goods.
  6. The tilt of the goods especially for consignments such as medical equipment, transformers etc.
  7. Tamper of the container, box etc.

Thus you can see that it covers all of your monitoring needs in a single system.

A single combined monitoring system for your warehouse, trucks, containers etc.

As Roambee system does not need communication channels within your premises, you can use a single system for all your monitoring needs. The system has Bluetooth and SIM card based data transmission. Hence you do not need separate monitoring systems for your warehouse, trucks, containers etc. Even if you have a separate set of trucks for local transportation and international transportation you do not have to worry about having a separate set of systems.

How a single system covers all your monitoring needs

Consider a typical system consisting of multiple warehouses, a fleet of trucks and fleet-warehouse-cargo-monitoring-for-location-temperaturecontainers going around the world. We will describe how each of the assets is monitored.

  1. Consider that the warehouse has 20 recording points. You will need 20 data loggers known as Bees. These devices will communicate with a central device known as BeeBeacon. This BeeBeacon will collect the data from the Bees and will transmit to the server. The BeeBeacon operates with a SIM card. Based on the layout of the warehouse, you may need one or more of the BeeBeacon devices.
  2. For your fleet, we have Roambee Fleet system. These operate with SIM card and transmit the data in real-time to the server. Data such as Location, Temperature, Vibration etc. can be recorded.
  3. For containers in international shipping, you can use a similar system and will transmit various data.

The data from all the devices will be available in our centralised software and you can see a different form of Analytics on the screen.

FAQ on a single monitoring system for your warehouses, cold rooms, fleet, containers etc. over air, sea and land transportation.

  1. What are the parameters that this system can monitor?:
    (1)The physical location of the asset such as a container, truck etc.
    (2)The temperature of the consignment.
    (3)The humidity of the consignment.
    (4)The altitude or pressure of the asset.
    (5)Shock or vibration of sensitive goods.
    (6)The tilt of the goods especially for consignments such as medical equipment, transformers etc.
    (7)Tamper of the container, box etc.
  2. What is the data transmission method?: Bluetooth transmission is used to transmit to the nearest data collector in an area like a warehouse. The units in moving assets use a Global SIM card for data transmission
  3. What is the pricing model?: The system is provided on a lease basis as a subscription package. This includes the data transmission cost.
  4. Local support is available in every country?: Local support is available through distributors in most of the countries across the World.
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Single use Temperature & Humidity logger Tempsen-ITAG4TH

single-use-disposable-Temperature-humidity-loggerThis is disposable, single-use Temperature & Humidity data logger. It is useful for the pharmaceutical industry, logistics, food industry etc. As the name indicates, you can use the same only once.

Technical specification of disposable Temp & Humidity logger Tempsen-ITAG4TH

The major technical details single-use logger Tempsen-ITAG4TH are given below:

  1. The data logger is a single-use application only. The logger will retain the data, but cannot be reused.
  2. It has internal temperature and humidity sensor.temperature-humidity-disposable-data-logger-USA-UK
  3. The memory capacity of this single-use Temperature & Humidity data logger is 7200 readings. This means that it will record a maximum of 7200 readings from the moment of starting. Once it reaches the full memory capacity, it will stop automatically.
  4. The temperature measurement range is from -30°C to 70°C.
  5. The relative humidity measurement range is from 0% RH to 100% RH.
  6. The temperature measurement accuracy of Tempsen-ITAG4TH is ± 0.5°C between 0°C to 60°C. Outside of this range, the accuracy is ± 1°C.
  7. The relative humidity accuracy is ±4% RH between 20% RH to 80% RH. Outside of this range, the accuracy is ±5%.
  8. The temperature resolution is  0.1°C or 0.1 °F
  9. The relative humidity resolution is 0.1% RH.
  10. You can start the logger manually or by programming to start automatically.
  11. Data logging frequency is from 1 reading every minute to one reading every 2 hours.temperature-humidity-single-use-USB-data-logger-Saudi-Qatar-Oman-UAE.jpg
  12. IT has a programmable high and low alarm settings.
  13. The battery is 3.0V CR2032 lithium battery. This is not replaceable by the customer.
  14. The runtime of this disposable temperature &humidity data logger is 60 days.
  15. The shelf life is 2 years before activation. The shelf after activation is 1 year.
  16. It has an LCD display for the following indication
    a. OK(), Alarm(x) and Running status.
    b. Limit violation event indicator to indicate any alarms.
    c. Duration time of each alarm zone.
    d. Temperature & humidity statistics displaying maximum, minimum and average readings.
  17. The connection method is directly into a USB 2.0 port.temperature-humidity-disposable-data-logger-Saudi-Qatar-Oman-UAE
  18. The report generation is by automatic generation of pdf report.
  19. The Software is TempCentre by the manufacturer.
  20. Calibration is done by the factory for Sampling 6-point Calibration.
  21. The dimensions of this single-use Temperature & Humidity logger is 93mm (Length) x 45mm (Width) x 7mm (Height).
  22. The weight of the disposable data logger is 25 grams approximately.
  23. The logger is inside a polycarbonate casing.
  24. The ingress protection class is IP54.


Product Details:

  1. Brand Name:iTAg
  2. Price: USD 49.89
  3. Price valid until: 31-Dec-2020
  4. SKU: 1000000102
  5. Seller Organisation:VackerGlobal

FAQ on Single-use Temperature & Humidity data logger

  1. How many days can it record?: It can record 7200 readings. This means 25 days with a recording interval of 5 minutes. 50 days with a recording interval of 10 minutes.
  2. What is the measurement range of Temperature & Humidity?: The temperature measurement range is from -30°C to 70°C. The relative humidity measurement range is from 0% RH to 100% RH.
  3. What are the parameters displayed on the screen?:
    (a) OK(√), Alarm(x) and Running status.
    (b) Limit violation event indicator to indicate any alarms.
    (c) Duration time of each alarm zone.
    (d) Temperature & humidity statistics displaying maximum, minimum and average readings.
  4. Does it require any software to download?: It does not require any special software from us related to the logger to download the data. It generates report automatically.

We supply single-use Temperature & Humidity data logger Tempsen-ITAG4TH in the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt etc.

We supply these loggers in the United States of America, The United Kingdom and across entire European countries.

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Vac-KooL: Low cost cold storage upto 40% cheaper+50% power saving

Low-cost cold storage room, lower capital cost and lower electricity charges with 2 years warranty. Operates in normal single-phase electricity. Vacker introduces Vac-KooL low-cost cold storage using a special technology. The conventional cold storages useVacKooL-cheap-cold-storage-room normal compressor type cooling units. Our partners have developed a special circuitry to convert normal AC units into cooling units.

Low-Cost cold storage rooms Vac-KooL

Normally AC units bring down the temperature only up to 18-19 Deg Centigrade. Our special technology in Vac-Kool converts the circuits to bring down the temperature up to Zero Degree Centigrade (32 Degree Fahrenheit). The number of AC units and the capacity of each of them depends on the size of the room. Also, the required temperature is considered while calculating the required number of AC units. The walls are normal insulated panel walls similar to other cold rooms. However, we have special types of modular panels which can make the cold room still economical. However, due to shipping costs, it might become costly depending on your country. Hence for countries far away from our manufacturing plants, we suggest customers buy the panels locally. Also for such countries, they can buy the AC units locally based on our design calculations.

How to install our AC units to make cheap walk-in cold roomsVacKool-cheap-coldrooms-VackerGlobal

We modify the control circuit of the AC units using our special technology. In case our representatives are not available in your country, our trained technicians will help you with this modification. The operations of the AC units are similar to any other split or window AC units. In case the wall of the cold room is exposed to the outside air, you can use a window AC unit. You may note that the backside of a window AC produces hot air and hence it is not advisable to direct the same into another room or warehouse. In such cases, a split AC unit is preferred. You can place the indoor unit inside the cold room. The outside fan unit can be placed outside the building. This is similar to any other normal AC installation. Any normal technician can carry out this installation.

Advantages of Vac-Kool cheap walk-in cold storage room

The main advantages of Vac-Kool walk-in cold storage rooms are as below:

  1. The initial cost is up to 40% cheaper compared to conventional cold rooms.
  2. 40 to 50% or more savings on electricity consumption. Based on your country’s tariff, you may be able to buy one more similar cold storage in a couple of years using just these savings.
  3. No monthly or annual maintenance compared to conventional units which require regular inspection, gas filing etc. You just need to clean the filter as you do at home.
  4. You do not need a commercial 3 phase power supply. You can simply use your home or office power supply.
  5. As it requires only very small power, you can use a small generator or solar panels for electricity.
  6. We provide 2 years warranty for the modified AC units.

Applications of Vac-KooL cold storerooms

Vac-Kool can be used for any normal applications. Few of the applications are listed below:

  1. Storage of dairy products including milk, cheese, butter, curd etc.
  2. Storage of beer, wine etc.
  3. Storage of medicines between 0°C to 8°C. (32°F to 46.4°F)
  4. Storage of flower.
  5. Storage of fruits, vegetables etc.
  6. Storage of processed food items, cooked food etc.
  7. Storage of sweets, chocolates etc.
  8. Funeral homes, morgue etc.
  9. It is useful for small restaurants, especially with space limitations.
  10. Storage of meat above 0°C.

Product Details:

  1. Brand Name: Vac-Kool
  2. Price: USD 3890.00
  3. Price valid until: 31-Dec-2020
  4. SKU: 1017000013
  5. Seller Organisation: VackerGlobal

FAQ on Low-Cost cold storage rooms Vac-KooL

  1. What is the warranty?: We provide two years warranty against manufacturing defects.
  2. How can we install without a technician from the manufacturer?: Any technician can easily assemble based on our videos and instructions. The cooling unit installation is similar to any normal home AC units.
  3. Can the cold storage room work on a generator?: Yes, the cold room can work on a small portable generator. The power consumption is similar to a home AC.
  4. Can the cold storage room work in remote areas?: Yes, you can leave it unattended. We provide an optional alert system which will give you a phone call in case of power failure, high temperature etc.
  5. Can the cold storage room work in Solar Panels?: Yes, the smaller rooms work easily with solar panels. The power consumption is similar to a home AC.
  6. What are the applications of this cold room?: They are suitable for all applications above Zero Deg. Centigrade.
    (1) Flower storage
    (2) Fruits & Vegetables
    (3) Meat and Fish above 0°C.
    (4) Chocolates and pastry
    (5) Morgue above 0°C
    (6) Medicines and pharma items above 0°C
    (7) Wine & Beer
    (8) Dairy and Poultry items

We are supplying these units across the world. Our Dubai office takes care of the Middle East and African regions. We cover the middle east countries including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon etc. Our Africa division takes care of the entire African continent including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Djibouti, Rwanda, Uganda etc. Read more ›

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Phone call & SMS alert for temperature, humidity, water leak, fire, Gas etc.

This is a standalone alert system for generating phone and SMS alert. This is a SIM card based alert system with battery back up. You can use this as an add-on device for our power failure monitor, water leak monitor, temperature monitor etc.

This is a unique system by VackerGlobal which makes Voice calls and SMS to 8 operators.

Following are the major applications for this alert system:

  1. Generating phone calls when the temperature exceeds permitted levels.
  2. When humidity exceeds the specified limits.
  3. In the event of a fire alarm.
  4. phone-call-SMS-alert-for-temperature-humidity-gasleakPhone and SMS alerts in case of detection of smoke.
  5. Generating phone calls to operators in case of gas leakage.
  6. Useful to call multiple personnel in case of water leakage in offices, warehouses, pump houses, basements etc.
  7. Phone calls in case of detection of an intruder into office, home, buildings etc.
  8. Generating alerts in case of Carbon Monoxide beyond permissible limits.
  9. Informing operators in case of Carbon Dioxide leakage.
  10. Call operators in case of Ammonia Leakage.
  11. Giving phone calls and SMS in case of high temperature, power failure or theft attempt at ATMs.
  12. Any other parameters can be monitored

Features of Phone call and SMS alert system

  1. The system works with a SIM card and has a battery backup for 48 hours.
  2. It can make phone calls and SMS to 8 operators. Upon calling it will deliver a voice message and SMS indicating the type of failure occurred.
  3. The phone calls will be made until the problem is rectified (This can be programmed to set a delay)
  4. In case of power failure, an SMS will be sent immediately.
  5. All programming can be done by sending SMS.
  6. One authorized person can activate or deactivate the device by sending SMS.

Models of Phone call & SMS alert system for temperature, humidity, smoke, water leak, Gas alert

There are two separate models as below:

Model VAC-Std with 2 inputs

Two inputs – This device can take input from two separate triggering devices. Also, it has two outputs. ie.phone-call-SMS-alert-for-temperature-humidity-waterleak

upon receiving a trigger signal it can trigger two external devices. This device can send voice call and SMS alert to 4 telephone/mobile lines Two separate voice messages can be recorded.

Example of operation

We can connect Input 1 to temperature recording system of cold room (This is not included). Also, you may connect Input 2 to door open contact of server room (This is not included).

Now record two voice messages on the device:

  1. For Input 1 – Please check the temperature of your server room
  2. For Input 2 – The door of the server room has been opened

For sending SMS, please record two SMS messages as per below examples:

  1. For input 1 – Server room check temperature
  2. For input 2 – Server room check door

It can also carry out local actions using its two outputs as per below examples:

  1. Output 1- connected to a local alarm
  2. Output 2- connected to an alarm at the security room

Based on your needs we can program the calls and SMS in various ways. Few examples of combinations are as below:

  1. Operator 1  – Phone call + SMS
  2. Operator 2  – Phone call + SMS
  3. Operator 3  – SMS only
  4. Operator 4  – Phone call + SMS

Examples of Voice and SMS alert system with a SIM card

Case 1

If the temperature goes above or below the programmed limits, it will generate a phone call. We can program it to 4 operators. Upon attending the call it will deliver a voice message. The message can be “Please check the temperature of your server room”. The person who receives the call has to attend the call. He also has to acknowledge by pressing the # button. If this person does not attend the call or if he doesn’t press the # button, the call will go to the next person and so on.

After attending the call, each person will get an SMS also. As per our example, the message will be “Server room check temperature”.

Simultaneously the system will activate the local alarm. If nobody attends the problem in 5 minutes it will make the calls once again and so on. We can program the 5 minutes delay to any other period.

Case 2

If someone opens the door of the server room, it will generate a phone call to 4 operators. Upon attending the call it will deliver a voice message “The door of the server room has been opened”. The person who receives the call has to attend the call. Also, he has to acknowledge the call by pressing the # button. If he doesn’t do both the actions, the call will go to the next person and so on.

After attending the call, each person will get an SMS. It will read “Server room check door”.

Simultaneously the system will activate the alarm at the security room. If the door remains open after 5 minutes (this can be programmed) the system will make calls once again.

Model VAC-Plus advanced model with 4 inputs

This device can take input from four separate triggering devices.

Also, it has four outputs. This means that upon receiving a trigger signal from any of the input devices it can trigger four different external devices.

This device can send voice call and SMS alert to 8 telephone/mobile lines. We can record four separate voice messages. This means one voice record for each input device.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring with a Phone call, SMS & Email alert

A typical and most popular application of this device is for recording and Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity. Following are a few of the major applications:

  1. Server Rooms
  2. Data Center
  3. Warehouses
  4. Deep Freezer
  5. Cold Rooms

We can supply this as a complete standalone system and is with full battery back up.

If the temperature or humidity goes above or below a certain level for a defined duration, the system will generate phone call and SMS alerts.

Also, the system can be connected to a network for continuous recording and upon an alert event, an email will be sent to 4 operators.

Product Details of phone call alert system:

  1. Brand Name:VackerGlobal
  2. Price: USD 545.00
  3. Price valid until 31-Dec-2021
  4. SKU: 2005000005
  5. Seller Organisation:VackerGlobal

FAQ on Phone call & SMS alert for temperature, humidity, water leak, fire, Gas etc.

  1. How many people can it call? : It can call up to 8 people, one by one. If nobody attends the call, we can program to call repeatedly until someone picks up. Meanwhile, everybody will receive SMS.
  2. Will it work without electricity? : It has a rechargeable battery. The system has to be connected to a power source. But even in case of power failure, it will continue to work for 1-2 days depending on the battery parameters.
  3. When I receive a phone call alert, what would it say? : You can record any custom voice message. When the alert is generated, it will deliver this voice message to you when you attend the phone call.
  4. Where is it manufactured? It is manufactured in Europe.

Please see video at http://bit.ly/1ge4hHh & http://bit.ly/1ge4kmz

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Validation of software for cold chain & pharma compliance process

software-validation-for-cold-chain-vackerglobalIn cold chain industry, it is essential to validate various assets and processes. This is especially important in the pharma industry. This is required to ensure that the quality of medicines is not compromised throughout various stages from manufacture until final distribution. As part of this, we are offering software validation for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.

Software validation of monitoring systemsvalidation-of-erp-software

The real-time monitoring systems consist of hardware and software. The hardware consists of various sensors, display, transmitters, receivers etc. The software consists of the user interface, cloud storage, report generation etc. In a real-time monitoring system, the data passes through various hardware and software paths before it generates a report. Most often, the user is using mainly the reports. The validation process is to ensure that the entire system maintains accuracy throughout the process from the sensor to the report generation. It is possible that the data loses some accuracy as it passes from a sensor to the receiver, to the transmitter, to the cloud platform, back to a computer, generating a report etc. A validation process is an end to end verification process to check that the data is not lost throughout this entire process. We will be testing the hardware and the software for this process. We will monitor the data and collect the data at the intermediate points to generate ana analysis.

Software validation of ERP software

vacker-global-monitoring-system-validation-for-cold-chainERP software also is crucial in the cold chain process. An ERP software transacts and stores various data in the process. Few of them are very critical such as expiry date, stock position, quality inspection, daily transaction details etc. In order to ensure that the ERP software carries out all these transactions accurately, it is necessary to validate the ERP software. The validation involves testing of data related to various processes in the system.

We segregate the processes in the ERP into separate streams to analyse each stream. The accuracy of data transmission is also important for ERP software operated over a cloud-based storage system. In an ERP system, access to a database is difficult. However, the input and output data streams can be tested. The report typically includes the verification of all such data streams across a period of time. The accuracy of data over a period of time is tested.

Our software validation services complement our other validation services for cold chain and pharma industry:

  1. Validation of Shipping processes.
  2. Validation of Cold Chain packaging process.
  3. Validation of Cold rooms for medicine and vaccine storage.
  4.  Validation of warehouse for medicine storage.
  5. Validation of reefer trucks and vans for medicines and vaccine distribution.
  6. Validation of active and passive cool boxes.

A sample protocol for validation of software

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ATM Temperature & Theft Monitoring with phone alert

ATM Monitoring SystemTemperature and humidity monitoring of ATM machine cabins are important for the proper functioning of the ATMs. High temperature or humidity will affect the performance of the ATMs. Our ATM monitoring system is a simple plug and play system which does not require an internet connection.

ATM temperature monitoring system operating with SIM card

This device does not require any internet connection and can work independently using a SIM card. You can use a SIM card with or without a data package. ATM Monitoring System for controlling humidity, temperature.If you are using a SIM card without a data package, it will generate only phone call and SMS alerts. If you use a SIM card with the data package, it can transmit the data continuously to a server and you can record the readings continuously. In this case, it will transmit the data every 5 minutes to a cloud-based server.

You can view the report remotely and take weekly or monthly readings. However, if you do not want to record the data and only need the alerts, you need only a normal SIM card. In this case, you can program the upper and lower alert levels for both temperature and humidity of the ATM cabin. If the temperature or humidity goes above or. Below these levels, it will generate phone call and SMS alerts. It will generate these alerts to 5 operators.

Programming of the ATM monitoring system

You can change the programming remotely using our cloud-based software. For this purpose, you will need a SIM ATM Monitoring Applicationscard with an internet data package. You can change the following programmings:
The telephone numbers to which the phone calls are made.
The upper and lower alerts levels of temperature and humidity.

Major features of our ATM monitoring system with temperature, power failure and theft prevention:

You do not need an internet connection or connection to your server. This is a complete stand-alone system operating with a SIM card.
You only need to insert the SIM card and connect to a normal power supply.ATM Monitoring devices
It has a backup battery which will work in case of a power failure. In case of a power failure, it will generate SMS alert to the operators.
Also when the power is restored, it will send one more SMS to inform that the power has been restored.
You can see the recorded data in our software over the internet.
You can download the data in the form of monthly or weekly reports.
How to install our ATM temperature monitoring system.
The system is very simple to install and does not require our support. While ordering the system, you need to provide us with the phone numbers to which the alerts should be generated. Also, you should give us the temperature and humidity levels above which alert has to be made. We will be programming these data onto the device before despatch.

Now upon receipt of the system, you simply need to insert a SIM card and connect to power. It starts working. You will not need even a technician for installing the device. If the SIM card is with the data package, we can change the programming remotely. We provide free programming support for unto 2 years from the date of supply. Your technicians also can reprogram the device using this online software.

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What is difference between Qualification and validation in cold chain?

Temperature qualification validation qualificationThe words qualification and validation are used interchangeably in the cold chain industry especially pharma industry. However, there are slight differences between the two. We are trying to explain the difference in this article.

What is a qualification of an asset used in pharma?

Basically, temperature qualification is on equipment or assets used to store medicines, vaccines etc. This involves temperature mapping study, design qualification, performance qualification, operation qualification etc.  Please see our detailed page on Temperature qualification study for more details. We carry out a qualification study to prove that the particular asset is good enough to store the medicine.
Temperature qualification of medicine box
Eg. Temperature qualification is applicable for assets such as a medicine cold room to certify that it is good for storing the medicines between 2 to 8°C under all operational conditions within the cold room.

What is validation?

The validation is done for methods and processes. A process involves multiple steps possible involving multiple assets as well. It can be for a process within the same asset as well. Please see few example below for better understanding.

  • Temperature validation of delivery process of a medicine.

Validation is for a method or process such as complete delivery of a medicine. Eg. If you want to validate the process of a medicine distribution, you have to start the complete testing process from the moment of packing from the cold room, moving it through your warehouse, loading it onto a van, van travels to a particular destination for certain hours, a person carries it to the customer etc. This validates that your entire process is good and the medicine is not affected. If a temperature validation is done for this process, it means  that the method you tested is good enough to keep the quality of the medicines.
In the process, all the assets used for delivery such as the box, the van etc. have to be qualified as well.

  • Validation of despatch process of a medicine through air

Temperature qualification of reefer truck vackerglobalSuppose you regularly despatch medicine through the air to another country. This involves a lot of movement of the goods through various procedures. From your warehouse onwards it changes many hands, many temperature conditions, many types of vehicles etc. You need to make sure that the medicine you despatch from your warehouse reaches in good condition at another country. You might be trying to validate despatch through different flight routes. Once you validate, you will see the best selection.

  • Validation of a software for a monitoring system

Validation is also applicable for software of a monitoring system to prove that the software is delivering the data correctly. In the case of a monitoring system, there are many components starting from a sensor, and different software and hardware interfaces. All of them have to work perfectly until the report reaches you. This is software validation. Otherwise, you have no guarantee that what the display unit shows in the cold room is same as that you see in the software. It is possible that there will be errors since the data is passing through entirely different platforms. For validation of electronic measuring instruments, there is a standard issued by the Federal Government of the USA. The relevant standards for such monitoring system are 21 CFR Part 11. Please read more on 21 CFR Part 11 at this page.

  • Validation of packing method inside a cold room

Temperature qualification of medicine box Suppose you want to unpack a big box of medicines and repack in smaller packages for distribution. This involves opening the big box, counting each item, making smaller packs on a working table etc. This is a method involving multiple processes. You will have to validate this process to ensure that the medicine is not affected.

Conclusion: What is difference between Temperature qualification and validation

The above examples might have given you a good idea regarding the difference. We will conclude that a qualification process is only for a particular asset such as a cold room, warehouse, van, reefer, cold box etc. A validation involves certification of a set of processes when a parameter passes through different environments.

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Guideline for temperature mapping study of Vans

Pharma industry specifies to carry out temperature guidelines for temperature mapping study of vansmapping study for all vans used for distribution of medicines vaccines etc. It is a mandatory requirement to store all such medicines under controlled temperatures such as 2 to 8 ° Centigrade or 15 to 25 ° Centigrade. If the temperature goes beyond these limits, the medicine loses its therapeutic values. Hence the pharma distributor has to always keep these medicines under the specified temperature.

These medicines are transported in temperature controlled vans. The final stage of the distribution to pharmacies is a very vulnerable phase. In order to prove that these vans always maintain the desired temperature, a temperature mapping study is mandatory.

Guidelines for mapping study of Vans

We are providing hereunder brief guidelines on carrying out a detailed temperature mapping study of vans.

The following are the required tests as part of the complete study:

  1. Startup test to decide how long it will take to reach the desired temperature oncevan temperature mapping study guidelines the van is switched on. As an example, we may find out that it requires 40 minutes to stabilize between 2 to 8 ° Centigrade after switching on the vehicle. If so, the client has to write a SOP for their regular operation to indicate the same.
  2. Testing under an empty condition to prove that the entire area has a uniform temperature for a specified duration.
  3. Testing under a partially loaded condition (eg. 60%). This is to analyze whether all areas inside the van maintain the temperature within limits during the entire tests.
  4. Testing under fully loaded condition. This is to prove that the van maintains the correct perform even when the van has a full load.

Guidelines for duration of the mapping study of Vans

We generally recommend the following timelines for the different tests:

  1. For all loaded tests, we recommend a duration of 12 to 24 hours.temperature hot and cold points temperature mapping study
  2. For startup test, a maximum period of 2 hours will be fine.
  3. For power failure test, it will require almost 2 hours.
  4. Door opening tests are required at different durations such as 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute etc.

For deciding the type of tests and the duration of tests, we conduct details of applications from the client. All these details will be different based on the usage pattern of each client, country etc.After collecting all the relevant details, a protocol for temperature mapping study of the vans will be written.

Contents of temperature mapping study report

The report of a van will have following details:data logger for temperature mapping study

  1. All the individual readings from all the data loggers.
  2. Detailed chart analysis of all test data.
  3. MKT values of each test. This is only for understanding, and not for evaluation of the results.
  4. Recommendations to include in the Standard operating procedure (SOP) of the client for the vans.
  5. Hot and cold points for fixing the temperature sensors.
Preparation for mapping study of Vans

The performance of cooling units of vans is always a challenge. We strongly recommend to our clients for proper servicing of the vehicle and the cooling units before carrying out the tests. Also, it is beneficial to have a thorough check of the controller of the cooling unit. Such preparatory checks will reduce chances of failure of the vehicle.

Please see our web page for detailed guidelines on temperature mapping study of various assets for pharmaceutical industry.

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Temperauture mapping for Shipping Box

Vacker Group is one of the leading group in the Middle East that provides temperature mapping services for all kinds of customers. One of our services include temperature mapping for shipping boxes.

Why temperature mapping is necessary for shipping boxes?

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