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Temperature & Humidity data logger with capacity of 128,000 readings


VackerGlobal supplies all types of temperature and humidity recorders and data loggers. Also, we supply all types of continuous monitoring systems for applications such as pharma, food processing, fruits, vegetables etc. Features of Temperature & Humidity data logger model iMini

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Temperature Mapping & Qualification of Vehicles, Refrigerator, Cold Room, Ware house, Reefer | UAE

Temperature qualification is the process of ensuring that the items meant for storage are always kept at the correct temperature eg. between 2-8 Deg C for medicines. The qualification process ensures that all vehicles, boxes, reefers, cold rooms, refrigerators etc are

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Electric portable powered Medicine/Vaccine cooler boxes for Vechicles

This cool box is used for logistics and transportation of Vaccines, medicines, Blood samples, body tissues, Biological samples etc in the health care industry. The technical functioning is similar to those of refrigerators and freezers. Being small in size, there are

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Cold Chain Process Monitoring, Validation & Qualification


Cold Chain Process monitoring involves monitoring of temperature throughout the entire chain of activities from Manufacture to the distribution of Temperature-sensitive products such as Medicines, Vaccines & Food items. This is extremely important in Pharmaceutical and food segments. This involves monitoring

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Industrial Dehumidifier for storage of medicines in cold rooms

Dehumidifiers for cold rooms  & ware houses It is recommended that the humidity  of the cold room be maintained at around 60% for ideal storage of medicines. The moisture or humidity need to be controlled for various applications such as

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Temperature Mapping, Qualification, Validation of Cold Room,Ware house, Freezer, Refrigerator: UAE

We have already explained in details about temperature mapping and validation in separate articles and in videos Vacker Group, UAE carries out Temperature Mapping and Validation / Qualification for Ware houses, Cold Rooms, Freezers, Refrigerators, Autoclave, Furnace, Reefer, Chiller etc. for

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Temperature indicator labels / strips / cards

Temperature indicating labels / strips are the simplest way to check whether the temperature of any package exceeded the permitted levels during transportation, st0rage etc. These are typically used for storage and transportation of medicines, food, chemicals, research samples etc.

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