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LED Temperature & Humidity display panel with external sensor


For warehouses, cold rooms, walk-in freezers,cold storages etc, the operators prefer to see the current temperature and humidity from a distance far away from the control panel. This will require a big sized LED display which can indicate the current

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Case study: Temperature mapping study and qualification of a cold room in Saudi Arabia


This case study pertains to a temperature mapping study and qualification carried out in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The process was carried out jointly by Cryopak, USA along with regional partner Vacker,UAE. Scope of  Qualification Process The scope was to carry

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Vacker,UAE beomes dealer for Data loggers of MSR, Switzerand


MSR, Switzerland is an internationally reputed data logger manufacturer, having their data loggers used by NASA in space crafts and space stations. Vacker, UAE has been appointed as the dealer for their entire range of  data loggers for the entire Middle

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Reduce humidity of cold room and warehouse for storage of medicines


Are you dealing with storing and transportation of medicines? If so you may have faced the problems of excess humidity. The medicines have to be stored below a humidity level as specified by the manufacturer of the respective medicine (Generally below

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Cold Chain Management Solutions

Cold Chain Management is a combination of multitude of activities to ensure that various temperature sensitive products such as medicine, vaccine, blood, samples, tissues, food etc. are stored and transported at the correct temperature from the point of manufacturer through

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Our Products and Solutions for HAAD (UAE) requirements


Health Authority Abudhabi (HAAD) has various guidelines in line with implementing world class healthcare facilities. Few of them include maintaining highest world class standards for storage and transportation of Medicine, Vaccine etc. and maintaining proper environment control in all health care

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How to calculate Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) in Excel Sheet (Free Download)

If you are dealing with medicines or other temperature-sensitive products you can calculate Mean Kinetic Temperature using this MKT calculation sheet. Read on. What is Mean Kinetic Temperature in basic language? If you have a set of temperature readings across

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Cargo temperature recorders and loggers


We supply cargo temperature recorders for various types of cargo goods. These typically are temperature-sensitive items such as medicines, food, chemicals, electronics goods etc. for which recording of temperature and probably humidity are required. Purpose of temperature recording of Cargo

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Measuring temperature of Concrete using data logger or Thermocouple

In a civil construction environment, the temperature of concrete during the curing process needs to be measured and recorded to evaluate the process of curing and removal of framework thereafter. Such measurement can be carried out by different methods: 1.

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Button Cell Data Loggers

Button Cell data loggers are small data loggers for recording temperature and humidity. These data loggers will not have any display and do not have start and stop switches. These are also known as Button cell temperature recorders and coin

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