Cargo temperature recorders and loggers

We supply cargo temperature recorders for various types of cargo goods. These typically are temperature-sensitive items such as medicines, food, chemicUSB-single-use-temperature-data-loggerals, electronics goods etc. for which recording of temperature and probably humidity are required.

Purpose of temperature recording of Cargo

Are you storing or transporting goods which have to be kept at a certain temperature? If so you need to record the temperature.

The purpose of such a recording might be for regulatory requirements. For all such items, the temperature data during the entire transportation need to be checked at the end of the consignment, most often by the consignee to ensure that the goods have been maintained under the specified temperature limits.


Single-use data logger with LCD display

If the temperature was not maintained properly, the consignee will be receiving deteriorated goods and he will not be aware of the same if there is no recorded data. Hence various methods have been adopted for such purposes.

Temperature recorders and indicators for Cargo goods

What are the various types of data loggers and recorders? There are many types.

We are providing the following products and solutions for recording and monitoring temperature and humidity for cargo goods.

a. Single-use disposable USB Temperature data logger (Plug and Play data logger)

Do you need a data logger which can be used only once?


This is one of the most economical and user-friendly solutions which will last only for one trip and data can be downloaded at the end of the journey. There are LED indicators which will indicate whether the temperature ever crossed the permitted levels during transportation. These data loggers accompany shipments and monitor storage conditions.

Why single-use data loggers? These data loggers are economical. If the goods are being transported to a long-distance and don’t you expect the data loggers will be returned from the destination? If so use single-use data logger. Also, this model is available with LCD screen display at which you can see current readings and any alerts generated. More……..

b. Multi-use USB Temperature data loggertemperature-humidity-data-logger-UAE

Are you looking for reusable data logger?

These can be reused any number of times. The consignee can see the status of the trip either on the LCD screen or through LED alert indicators. Also, the data can be downloaded using a computer. More……

c. Temperature and humidity strips and cards

You don’t want to record data, but only an indication is required whether the temperature has gone high?

These are the simplest of all. However, these do not record the data continuously. These are paper strips with certain chemicals which will change colour when exposed to certain temperature and humidity. If the storage temperature crosses the permitted levels, the colour of the strip will change and the consignee can understand by the colour. However, these are not very accurate and also contain chemical substances. More…..

d. Single-use electronic disposable temperature indicatorselectronic-temperature-indicator-Cryopak

Are you looking for a disposable (single use) electronic indicator which will show whether the temperature has gone below or above limits?

These electronic devices will monitor the temperature, but will not record the data. If the temperature goes above or below the permitted levels, there are LED indicators on the device which will be activated. The consignee can understand whether the temperature crossed the limits by checking these LEDs. These are very accurate compared to temperature strips/cards. More…..

 e. GPRS based temperature monitoring for vehicles –

Do you want to monitor the temperature of your vehicle continuously?

These are mounted inside the vehicle along with GPS vehicle tracking systems. These devices will transmit the temperature data in real-time and users can view the data from their offices. The advantage is that the viewers can see the data in real-time without any delay. However, this is a costly method since this involves data transmission through data networks. More……

f. SMS based temperature monitoring for vehicles –

These are economical real-time monitoring system for vehicles. In this system the current temperature is sent to a base station at periodic intervals eg. every one hour. If the temperature goes above or below programmed limits, it will send alert messages to a couple of operators. More………

Please see our entire range of temperature & humidity data loggers. We have numerous models similar to Sensitech and Temptale data loggers and Ryan loggers.

The terms recorder and data logger are used interchangeably through this articles which are meant to represent the same device.

Product Description of Pharma Compliant Temperature data logger with calibration certificate

  1. Brief Title of the device: Temperature data logger for cargo applications with an inbuilt calibration report.
  2. Brief Description of the device: This model of Pharma compliant Temperature recorder has a built NIST traceable calibration report. You can see the calibration data while generating the report. It generates pdf, csv & txt reports automatically.
  3. Model number: VAC-MS-ST-S-8-P
  4. Brand: Cryopak
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1000000005
  7. Price (USD): 29.99
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2020
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