Temperature Monitoring & Alert system

This is a system which has a temperature data logger combined with a phone call & SMS alert system. The main features are:working-principle-wireless-WiFi-temperature-monitoring

  • Complete standalone system. Even if computer/network does not operate the entire system will continue without any interruption.
  • Can be connected either through cables or through WiFi (different models)
  • Recording of data on the device as well as on your network and on our free web server
  • Recorded Data will be sent to 4 emails every day / every week if required.
  • Email, SMS & Phone call alert
  • Data can be viewed remotely either on your computer or smart phones
  • Free software. No other annual fee for the system
  • Phone call & SMS will be made upto 10 operators and voice message indicating nature of fault will be delivered.
  • Operated using a SIM card

a. What is over temperature warning and alert System?

the system continuously checks the temperature of the environment where it is installed. The frequency of collecting data can be programmed in the system  which is called sampling interval. If temperature is recorded every 5 seconds, then the sampling interval is 5 seconds. For a critical storage system such as a medicine cold room (temperature between 2 to 8°C), the sampling interval can be kept as 1 minute. For a less critical system such as a warehouse (temperature between 2 to 8°C), the sampling interval can be kept as 10 minutes. The alert system can be programmed for lower and higher level of temperature eg. for a medicine cold room (temperature between 2 to 8°C) a lower alarm level can be kept as 2.5°for 2 minutes and higher alarm level can be kept as 7.5° for 2 minutes. This means that if the temperature goes below 2.5°for 2 minutes or goes above 7.5°C for 2 minutes, an alarm condition will be generated. In this case different alerts such as a local strobe/beacon light, phone call & SMS to operators, Email to operators etc. will be generated as programmed.

This brief video explains the functioning of the whole system

b. Installation instructions

The system is generally supplied as a complete assembled system. The customer needs to connect only the battery, AC power supply & sensor. Then upon inserting the SIM card the system starts working. Please see the following video:

c. How to view the recorded data

The recorded data can be viewed on the free T&D Graph software. The details for viewing the data can be seen in this video

d. Install the software for Temperature monitoring system

This video demonstrates installation of the necessary software for programming and recording of temperature and humidity


e. How to program the device for temperature & humidity monitoring

This video shows initial programming and subsequent modifications of the monitoring system for recording, alerts, data transmission etc.