Dry Ice Data logger

The iMini Plus Dry Ice Temperature data Logger manufactured by Cryopak, USA is used for measuring and recording extremdry-ice-temperature-data-loggere temperatures from -100°C to 40°C (-148°F to 104°F) for items stored in dry ice. Dry ice is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide and does not melt by exposing to room temperature. Dry ice retains a temperature of around -80°C. These are also known as Cryo data loggers.

Applications of dry ice temperature data logger:

The typical applications of dry ice data loggers are for storage and transportation of the following.

  1. Storage and transportation of Pharmaceuticals, medicine, vaccines etc.
  2. Temperature recording of Medical Samples.
  3. Storage temperature monitoring of Biological samples.
  4. Recording of temperature during transportation of Diagnostic Specimens.
  5. Temperature recording of Organs storage.
  6. Temperature recording of Human/Animal Tissue.
  7. Recording of dry ice temperature during Clinical Trials.
  8. Monitoring of temperature of Serums.
  9. Recording during storage and transportation of Enzymes.
  10. Recording and storage of cryogenic items.

This device has an external Teflon sensor of 1-meter length. The sensor is inserted into the dry icebox and the data logger is placed outside the box. By nature of the operation, any LCD display will not function if the device is kept below -20 Deg C. However recording will continue to happen. Hence it is essential that the device has to be always kept outside the dry icebox.

Features & Technical Specification of Dry Ice/Cryo Data Logger:

The specification of Dry ice temperature data loggers is as below.

  1. LCD Display of the dry ice data logger will indicate current reading, highest & lowest reading etc.dry-ice-data-logger-sample-report
  2. It has a Memory capacity of 8000 readings. If the sampling interval is kept at 5 minutes, this means that the temperature will be recorded for a duration of 27 days. If the sampling interval is changed to 10 minutes, the data will be recorded for 55 days. The customer can program the sampling interval as per his requirement.
  3. The operation of the dry ice data logger is by simple Start and Stop buttons on the front fascia.
  4. Sampling interval can be easily reprogrammed from 5 seconds to 18 hours.
  5. Single trip disposable units and multi-use models are available. Single trip dry ice data logger is also known as a disposable dry ice data logger. These can be used only once and cannot be reprogrammed thereafter.
  6. Stainless steel sensor for inserting into the dry ice.
  7. Resolution of reading is 0.1 Deg C.
  8. Warranty of 2 years (excluding battery) for multi-use models. For single-use models, the warranty is applicable for a single trip.
  9. The battery is a simple coin type cell which can be easily replaced by the customer.
  10. The device is having ingress protection of IP 65 rated which will protect the device from moisture and dust.

For programming the dry ice data logger, free software Console pro software is available (freely downloadable from our website).

The data logger should be kept outside the dry ice box and only the sensor should be inserted into the box. By the properties of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), the display will not function below -20° and the screen will be blank.

For the mode of operation, sample reports, videos, operation manuals etc, please visit our page for iMini plus models.

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Technical Data Sheet

Product Description of Dry ice data logger & Cryo Data Logger

  1. Brief Title of the device: Dry Ice data logger also known as Cryo data logger capable of measuring and recording the temperature of items stored in dry ice, up to a minimum temperature of  -100°C.
  2. Brief Description of the device: Multi-use type Dry ice data logger for measuring temperature from -100°C to 40°C (-148°F to 104°F). It has an in-built memory of 8048 readings. The temperature sensor is an external probe for inserting into the box containing dry ice. 
  3. Model number: MP-OE-N-8-L
  4. Brand: Cryopak, USA
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1000000016
  7. Price (AED): 540.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

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