Agricultural Monitoring

We provide various Temperature monitoring & Environment solutions for Agricultural purposes

Soil temperature & Moisture sensorSoil Temperature Sensor

ST01 is a high quality temperature sensor that is specifically designed for soil temperature measurement in extreme environments. Using top quality materials it is suitable for hostile conditions as encountered in outdoor installation (temperature, radiation, chemicals). It is designed to have a record-breaking lifetime with optimal stability. Employing a platinum sensor, at extreme temperatures a higher accuracy can be attained than with commonly used thermistors


Submersible Data LoggerSubmersible Data Logger

Low cost submersible PVC rod with several temperature sensors.Equipped with 4, 6 or 8+ temperature data logger set a user specified position. Can log temperatures at different depths at the same time. Based on the iButton® series, it comes in G, Z & 22L type buttons.
Standard rods with top connector and 4 iButtons. Options for more iButtons and 25ft submersible cable and connector to allow download from the side of a stream or canal.Perfect for geological surveying.