Temperature Data Loggers / Recorders

temperature-data-logger-vackerWe supply numerous types of temperature & humidity data loggers and for all segments such as healthcare, food processing, hospitals, laboratories etc.

  1. Temperature Datalogger


    Temperature Data Logger

    The iMini series of temperature data loggers by Cryopak, USA are available in single-use and multi-use models. The operation is by simple Start and Stop buttons. The data can be downloaded by a simple USB cable which can be plugged in at the backside of the device.

    Technical Features:

    1. Available Models are Temperature data logger, Temperature, and Humidity data loggers.
    2. The range of measurement is from -40 °C to +80 °C.
    3. It has a Large LCD display with multi-function viewing capabilities.
    4. There are 4 LED alarm indications, 2 for Low alarms and 2 for high alarms.
    5. Customizable alarm settings and programmable start functions are available.
    6. The data is downloadable via USB cable, no proprietary software or interface required.
    7. Provides maximum data logging reliability and accuracy at a low cost.
    8. User-friendly multi-language software for easy programming and download.
    9. Available from memory capacity of 8000 to 124000 readings.
    10. Temperature and Humidity data loggers start from memory capacity of 16,000 readings.
    11. Free software for programming and downloading data.

    Please see more details, software, and videos  at this page

  2. Single use, USB type disposable Temperature data logger


    Video of Single uses data logger

    These temperature data loggers are economic models for usage in cold chain applications involving storage and transportation of goods. These are small devices with start and stop buttons. These are easily programmable by the user depending on the applications. There are 5 LED indications which will indicate whether it has ever crossed the programmed limits during the recording time.

    Technical Features:

    1. 2 Models are available Single-use Temperature data loggers.
    2. Memory capacity is 7928 readings (55 days of recording if reading is taken every 10 minutes ).
    3. 5 LEDs are available on the front side to indicate high or low alarms.
    4. Plug & Play operation without the need for any special software.
    5. No software required for taking readings. Simply insert into USB port and pdf, excel & text reports will be automatically generated.
    6. Free software for programming sampling rate, alert level etc.
    7. The sampling rate can be programmed from 5 seconds to 17 hours.

    Manufacturer: Cryopak, USA


    Dry ice temperature data logger

    Download Technical Datasheet 

    Samples of Automatically generated reports can be seen at these links: pdf report, Excel report, Text report

    More details can be seen on this page.

  3. Dry Ice data Logger

    Dry ice data logger model MP-OE-N-8-L with the external sensor is capable of measuring temperature from -100°C to +40°C. Dry ice is used to transport consignment at extremely low temperatures. Dry ice is solidified form of carbon dioxide and remains at a temperature of -78.5°C. These data loggers come with an external sensor. We can insert this external sensor into the box containing the dry ice. The data logger will be placed outside the box so that reading is visible from outside.

  4. Submersible Type Temperature recorder

    Temperature chart recorder

    Temperature Chart recorder

    The iBee is the submersible model of a high-temperature data logger. These are mainly for recording data underwater. Very resistant and waterproof, can be used in a high temperature, high-pressure steam environment (medical sterilization).

  5. Temperature and Pressure Chart Recorder

    Chart recorders are utilized to record temperature, pressure etc. on a paper chart. These are reliable recorders which do not require a computer for downloading the data. We supply temperature and pressure chart recorders of reputed companies with corresponding sensors. The device is with special logic controllers and the recording speed can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Chart discs or paper rolls of different time durations can be inserted into the recorder. Please read more on the paper chart recorders.

  6. paper-chart-temperature-recorderWireless wall-mounted monitors for rooms

    This small device which indicates the temperature & humidity on its small screen will be fixed on the wall in the patient rooms/operation theatres etc. The device will store data up to 8000 readings and can be transferred to a computer through a wireless system or through a USB connection.

  7. Food Core Temperature Data Loggers for HACCP

    Food core temperature data logger

    Food core temperature data logger

    The device is a portable type device which acts both as a thermometer and a temperature recorder. They are designed for sensing and recording for food items such as meat and liquid, featuring a needle-type sensor. The device enables effective HACCP based systems for food safety, making it ideal for use in food processing environments. This product has been designed to meet IP64 standards (splash resistant; rated for use in daily life). We can transfer the data to a computer through a wireless/WiFi system.

    This is especially used for processes involving HACCP certification.
  8. Chemical Monitoring Cards

    These are used for monitoring of chemicals. These just indicate whether the temperature has been high or low. There are two types of strips for this purpose.


    Chemical temperature monitoring strip

    1. Warm-mark cards are to monitor whether the chemical has been exposed to heat.
    2. Cold mark cards are to monitor whether the chemical has been exposed to cold conditions.

    For both the above models, different types of strips are available for different ranges. The colour change on the strip will indicate its exposure limits.

    • Response Temperatur range is -18 to 37 degrees C.
    • Resolution of measurement is +/- 1 degree C.
    • Shelf Life of these cards is 2 yrs.
  9. Egg Shaped Temperature Recorder

    Egg shaped temperature data logger

    Egg-shaped temperature data logger

    These are egg-shaped and are generally used to monitor the temperature of eggs during shipping, storage, and incubation. Also, these can be used for those areas having space constraints. The data can be downloaded using software by plugging into the computer.

    1. The range of temperature measurement is -20 °C to +60 °C.
    2. Memory capacity is 16,000 readings.
    3. Start-up method is by programmed time and date or magnet swipe.
    4. Models with the display also are available.request-quote-vacker

Product Description of Temperature data logger

  1. Brief Title of the device: Temperature data logger for recording the temperature for medicines, food, vegetables etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device: USB type Temperature data logger with an internal sensor having memory of 8000 readings. Easy generation of pdf & Excel reports.
  3. Model number: MX-IN-S-8-L
  4. Brand: Cryopak, USA
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1000000009
  7. Price (AED): 425.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

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