Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Vacker provides Multi-Use Temperature and Humidity data loggers with a variety of models to suit a wide array of applications. Health care logistics and the pharmaceutical industry are among the major applications for these temperature and humidity data logging requirements.

iMini series Multiple-use Temperature & Humidity data logger

A series of data loggers known as the iMini series is the most popular and economical one that includes two options – Temperature only data loggers and Temperature + Humidity data loggers.

data logger

Features of iMini Temperature & Humidity data logger/ Humidity data logger by Cryopak, USA

  1. Available in both Single Use & Multiuse configurations
  2. The economical cold chain monitoring solution
  3. It has Remote data access.
  4. USB nonproprietary interface cable is provided.
  5. Customer replaceable battery
  6. Alarm board with 4 LED alarm thresholds – 2 for higher threshold and 2 for lower threshold values.
  7. Console Pro Software compatible with password protection
  8. A variety of models with internal and/or external temperature sensors are available.
  9. Temperature Accuracy:
    ±0.5⁰C (-40⁰C to -10⁰C) / ±1⁰F (-40⁰F to +14⁰F)
    ±0.3⁰C (-10⁰C to +80⁰C) / ±0.6⁰F (+14⁰F to +176⁰F)
  10. Temperature Range: -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)
  11. Program Interval: 5 seconds-17 hours
  12. Memory Capacity: 8K, 128K readings
  13. Weight: 70 g data logger(including battery)

iMini Series Models available with us:

    1. Model No. MX-HS-S-16-L with an internal sensor
      • This is a Multiple-use Temperature & Humidity data logger with 2 sensors
        – an internal temperature sensor and an internal humidity sensor.
      • Memory capacity is 16000 readings of which is 8000 readings of temperature and 8000 readings of humidity.
        Higher models have a capacity for 128,000 readings.

Temperature & Humidity data logger

  1. Model No. MX-HS-S-16-L with an external sensor
    • Multiple-use Temperature & Humidity data logger with 3 sensors
      – 2 Internal & 1 External sensor (a no internal temperature sensor, a no external temperature sensor, and a no internal humidity sensor).
    • This model has an internal memory capacity of 16,000 readings (higher models can hold up to 1,28,000 readings).

Also please check our instruction videos and manuals of iMini series data loggers

iLog series Multiple-use Temperature & Humidity data logger/Humidity data logger

This series has sophisticated models for high-precision temperature and humidity data logging.

Features of iLog Temperature & Humidity data logger / Humidity data logger

  1. Inbuilt with an LCD display capable of viewing different functions
  2. Visual and audible alarms for high and low alerts
  3. ConsolePro software and accessories are compatible
  4. Weight: 68g
  5. Memory capacity: 32,000 readingsTemperature and humidity data logger - iLog Series by Cryopak, USA
  6. Temperature Range: -40°Cto +70°C (-40 to +158 °F). Suitable for high heat, ambient, refrigerated, frozen, and dry ice monitoring.
  7. Temperature Accuracy:
    ± 0.35°C (-40°C to 0°C) / ± 0.63°F (-40°F to +32°F)
    ± 0.25°C (0°C to +70°C) / ± 0.45°F (+32°C to +158°F)
  8. Humidity Range: 0 – 100%RH
  9. Humidity Accuracy: ± 3.0%RH
  10. Program Interval: 5 seconds to 7 hours.

iLog Series Models available with us:

  1. Model no. EI-HS-D-32-L with internal sensors
    • Size: 76mm diameter, 18 mm height
    • Available with 2 internal sensors – 1 internal temperature sensor and 1 internal humidity sensor

chart printer for data logger

Portable Chart Printer for printing Temperature and Humidity recording

Using this chart printer, Temperature and Humidity recordings can be downloaded and printed directly from iLog humidity data loggers where it does not require a computer. It has a memory capacity of 1 MB for downloading the recordings.

The printout includes various details such as serial numbers, the number of readings, sampling frequency, start and stop time, etc.

For more data logger models available with us, visit our Online Store to buy.

We supply Temperature & Humidity data loggers globally. Majorly we cover:

  • United States of America
  • European countries – the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands
  • Asian countries – India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, etc.
  • Middle East countries – Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, etc.
  • African countries – South Africa, Ghana, Angola, Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, etc.