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Indoor swimming pools generate a lot of moisture and will cause a lot of harm if not controlled properly. DS series of dehumidifiers swimming-pool-dehumidifiersby Trotec comes in various models for any size of swimming pools.

Dehumidifiers for swimming pools

A Few practical Benefits and characteristics of swimming pool dehumidifiers are explained below.

  1. These dehumidifiers are especially suitable for use in wet option.
  2. They have a high dehumidifying performance with optimum heat recovery.
  3. Energy consumption is low with extremely high economic efficiency.
  4. The body is corrosion protected and is easy to clean.
  5. The radial fans are smoothly running.
  6. Heat exchangers are polyester coated and hence corrosion free.
  7. The hygrostat can be adjusted infinitely.
  8. Also, it is possible to keep in automatic or permanent operation.
  9. The thermostat is anti-icing type.
  10. It is possible to adjust the air discharge direction.
  11. There is a high and low-pressure switch on the dehumidifier.
  12. Many more equipment options and special designs available to suit your specific requirements.

Highly efficient moisture control and heat recovery for indoor swimming pools or whirlpools

In wet rooms such as private indoor swimming pools, the humidity rises significantly due to the high degree of water evaporation.swimming-pool-dehumidifier-standard-model

Here the critical limit of humidity will rise rapidly resulting in rot, corrosion or mould formation. This causes severe problems for the building structure and the well-being of its users.

Ventilation alone cannot solve the problems because the rate of generation of moisture is high. The rate of removal of moisture through the ventilation system will be much lower.

When introducing cold air, it can also absorb less moisture, causing the dew point temperature to drop to a critical level.

Mostly, when considering the prevailing temperatures, the ambient air is already saturated to a certain level. Hence, sufficient moisture transfer simply cannot be ensured.swimming-pool-dehumidifier-special-model

The Solutions: Pool Dehumidifiers of the DS series

These devices are specifically designed and developed to handle for swimming pools. They ensure a powerful and economical dehumidification of indoor swimming pools.

Customers can install these dehumidifiers easily. They work fully automatically and can extract large amounts of humidity from the room air. During this process, they absorb the potential energy and in accordance with the heat pump principle give up to 2.7 kW of useful heat for each kilowatt spent by the DS dehumidifier off to the air in the indoor swimming pool.

Efficient and economical way of working.swimming-pool-dehumidifier-external-model

Radial fans are integrated within the DS pool dehumidifiers.They have particularly quiet running properties. Also, they can suck in large amounts of humidity from the ambient air.

The damp air enters through an evaporator. It is then cooled below the dew point and condensed. The condensed water is discharged outside. The cold, dry air is directed past the cooling block’s heating element. This air is warmed by the process energy and then fed back to the room air.

DS 50 and DS 30 swimming pool dehumidifiers

Few of the major characteristics of DS series swimming pool dehumidifiers are as below.

  1. The dehumidifier has Corrosion-protected construction using fibreglass reinforced plastic
  2. This body is very easy to clean.TROTEC-germany-dehumidifiers
  3. The radial fan si very smoothly running.
  4. The heat exchangers are Polyester – coated, corrosion –protected.
  5. The hygrostat is infinitely adjustable.
  6. Also, as an option automatic or permanent operation is possible.
  7. These dehumidifiers are suitable for wall mounting.
  8. The thermostat is anti-icing type.
  9. The air discharge direction is adjustable.
  10. A high and low-pressure switch is available.
  11. Many more equipment options and special designs available to meet your specific needs.

Installation and Application Possibilitiesportable-industrial-dehumidifier

As standard, all pool dehumidifiers come with internal heat recovery. Thus it automatically utilises the released process heat for low-cost heating of the room air.

Also in the case of an increased heating demand for the room air, an additional pumped warm water damper register (PWW) can be provided optionally. This is then to be connected to the supply and return flow of the hot water heating. In this event, the temperature will be controlled by an on-site room thermostat opening and closing and integrated control valve.

The model DS 30 and DS 50 can optionally also be equipped with an additional electric heating. These are available for near panel installation as well.

Simple Installation procedures

DS series swimming pool dehumidifiers are very simple to install as below.

  1. While delivering, all pool dehumidifiers are completely ready to install.
  2. When positioned on the floor, the customer requires only a condensate drain and an electric connection.
  3. If the customer wants wall mounting, he has to first install the wall mounting clips.
  4. For cold countries, the room temperature may go below 20 °C. In such cases, a hot gas automatics defrost function is available optionally.
Technical Data of swimming pool dehumidifiers
DS 30
DS 51
Article number1.125.000.3201.125.000.331
Dehumidification performance / 24 h
Air Volume [M³/h]440740
Operating range temperature [°C]15 – 3515 – 35
Operation range max. RH [%]9090
Input voltage [V/Hz]230 / 50230 / 50
Nominal power Input [kW]0.750.98
Nominal Current [A]4.46
Fuse [A]1013
Electrical Connection (plug)CEE  7/7CEE 7/7
Cooling AgentR-407cR-407c
Cooling Agent [kg]0.51.7
Sound Level (distance 3 m) [dB (A)]4844
Infinitely Adjustable Hygrostat
Type of protectionIP45IP45
Suited for a wall mounting
Suited for floor installation
Length  [mm]255340
Width [mm]7801,345
Height [mm]6531,000
Weight [kg]3774
Discharge Hose ø [mm]1016
Air Filter
Available Special Equipment
PWW Damper Register
Heating capacity (supply) 80 °C [kW]35.8
Flow Rate [1/min]510.2
Electrical Damper Register
Heating Capacity2
Hot gas automatic defrost
Operating range temperature3 – 353 – 35
Model for near panel installation
External room hygro-thermostat
External room hygrostat


  • Standard equipment; □ optional equipment; further versions upon request.


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