Multichannel data loggers by MSR Switzerland

Data Logger MSR255

LCD datalogger with up to 5 sensors and 4 analogue inputs

4 row LCD matrix display • 4 individually configurable views • records temperature, rel. humidity, pressure, light and/or 3-axis acceleration (incl. fast peak) • 4 analogue inputs for external sensors • memory capacity for over 2 000 000 measurements • 2300mAh Li-ion battery • top-hat rail snapper
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Data Logger MSR165

3-axis shock logger for long-term measurements

4 analogue inputs for connecting conventional sensors • Measurement rate up to 1000/s • Switched power supply • Saves more than 2m measurement values and with an optional SD card over 1bn measurement values • Only approx. 80g • 800mAh lithium ion battery • USB interface • Optionally available with temperature, humidity, pressure and attitude sensors  Read More

Data Logger MSR160

Mini logger with a memory capacity for over 1bn Measurement values & 4 analogue inputs

Also suitable for vibration measurements • measurement frequency 1600/s • acceleration measurements up to ±15 g or ±200 g • memory capacity for over 2 000 000 measurements, expandable using an SD card • weighs only 64g • 800mAh Li-ion battery • additional temperature, humidity, pressure and light together with 4 analogue inputs for third-party sensors • free software  Read More

Data Logger MSR145WD

Autonomous wireless data logger with BLE, Display & MSR SmartCloud

High performance data logger with Bluetooth Low Energy • wireless monitoring of measurement data • Alarm function • web-based service MSR SmartCloud • brilliant OLED colour display • memory capacity for over 1 000 000 measured values • up to five internal or external sensors • standard IP 60, waterproof IP 67 Read More

Data Logger MSR145

Competitively priced mini logger for temperature, humidity, pressure, light and acceleration/attitude

Up to 5 measurement parameters in 1 datalogger • an additional 2 or 4 analogue inputs for external sensors • memory capacity for over 2 000 000 measurements • weighs only 16g • free firmware update via USB • Li-ion battery • free choice of case, measurement parameters and sensors
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