SMS Temperature tracking for long haul trucks

The temperature monitoring of vans and trucks is carried out  by GPRS system by using a SIM card within the monitoring system mounted in the vehicle. The temperature data is collected at the programmed frequency and transmitted through data packets using your mobile carrier services. This is similar to an internet connection on a mobile device which uses similar technology for transmitting data.

Difference between GPRS and GPS for temperature monitoring for vehiclesVacTrack-vehicle-temperature-monitoring

It may be specifically noticed that monitoring of temperature is not done through a GPS system. GPS (Global Positioning System) is only for tracking the position of the vehicle and continuous data such as temperature cannot be transmitted. In a GPS system, there is no data transmitted from the vehicle to a server. For continuous data transmission of variable parameters, a SIM card based communication device is required.

Limitations of a GPRS based temperature tracking system:

The main limitation of the system explained above is:

  1. Cost of internet data transmission. This may not need any further explanation
  2. If the vehicle goes out of one country, the SIM card will go into roaming mode and the cost of internet data transmission will be extremely high. Hence generally roaming facility is not activated in these SIM cards

Our solution for an economic SMS Temperature tracking – VacTrack™

VacTrack™ is a SIM card based device for monitoring temperature of vans, reefers etc. The  main features are:

Customer will receive SMS every hour (can be reprogrammed) indicating the temperature of the insulated vehicle. 

Customer will receive SMS alert if the temperature goes above limits

Customer can send an SMS to the vehicle and will receive an automatic reply indicating the current temperature

Other prominent features are:

  1. An SMS indicating the current temperature will be automatically sent from the vehicle to 3 mobile numbers.
  2. The frequency of the SMS can be programmed eg. one SMS will be sent every hour indicating the current temperature
  3. Two temperature sensors can be connected to one device. Hence for reefer trucks, two sensors can be placed at two ends of the insulated chamber.
  4. In case of an alarm event (eg. Temperature above limits), SMS alerts will be sent to three mobile devices.
  5. The periodic SMS can be disabled and the only alert can be programmed. In such cases, the vehicle will send only an SMS in case of a temperature alert.
  6. A SIM card with roaming facility can be inserted so that SMS will be sent from any country in which the network operator provides connectivity.
  7. The cost of operation will be only SMS charges and no other annual fees for the system.
  8. A small display can be provided in the driver’s cabin so that the driver can see the temperature inside the insulated area. (Optional)
  9.  An audible alert can be fixed inside the driver’s cabin which will be activated if the temperature goes above limits. SMS alerts also will be generated simultaneously.

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