Why Do We Need Thermal Mapping Study in Pharmaceuticals?


Are you operating in the pharma industry? Do you handle pharmaceutical products?

If yes, you already know the importance of thermal mapping study. Anyone who manufactures, transports, or stores pharmaceutical products needs to monitor and regulate temperatures. It is vital to preserve and maintain medicines and drugs.

According to stats, the biopharma sector bears a loss of about USD 35 million annually.  It is mainly due to the failure to control temperature. That is exactly why you need a thermal mapping study.

What is Thermal Mapping Study?

Before you understand the need for a thermal mapping study, let’s take a quick look at what it is. It is all about mapping and recording the temperature of a specific area with the use of sensors. It helps in measuring and understanding how the temperature varies.

Thermal mapping validation tests whether the freezing equipment can maintain the temperature within the recommended range. The core aim of the study is to ensure maintaining a stable temperature to secure the products stored.

Need for Thermal Mapping Study in Pharmaceutical Sector

Thermal mapping study is indeed for the pharmaceutical industry. Here are the best reasons why it is so important. Let’s dive in!

  • Customer Safety

The safety of the patients is a top priority for pharmaceutical companies. Every drug has a specific temperature at which it needs to be stored.

That is why the ideal temperature and storage instructions are provided on the medicine labels. When medicines, drugs, and vaccines are not stored in the right temperature conditions, they are likely to affect the patient’s health.

If the drugs get too cold or hot, the ingredients and chemicals of the medicines change. As a result, they become less effective or even ineffective. In other words, their efficacy gets reduced. Moreover, some medications may even react and put the health of the patients at risk.

Thermal mapping study helps in measuring and documenting the temperature conditions of areas where the medicines are stored. It helps the pharma companies to maintain the right temperature and ensure the well-being of the patients.

  • Prevents Loss of Medicines and Revenues

Storing medications in inappropriate temperatures affects the health of patients and results in a loss for pharma companies. Wondering how? Well, when the drugs are not stored at the right temperature, they get spoiled. So, ultimately, they are thrown away. It results in the loss of revenues for the pharma companies.

To prevent such loss, an ideal solution is thermal mapping and validation. It ensures that the medicines are preserved the right way and are ideal for sale.


Thermal mapping validation is essential for the pharmaceutical industry. It allows the pharma companies to preserve the medicines and ensure the well-being of the patient. Ultimately, it helps in enhancing the reputation and revenues of the companies in the competitive industry. Want to perform a thermal mapping study for your pharma company? If yes, connecting with VACKER can be the best option. The experts will help you perform the study and get certified.

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