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Measuring temperature of Concrete using data logger or Thermocouple

In a civil construction environment, the temperature of concrete during the curing process needs to be measured and recorded to evaluate the process of curing and removal of framework thereafter. Such measurement can be carried out by different methods: 1.

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Button Cell Data Loggers

Button Cell data loggers are small data loggers for recording temperature and humidity. These data loggers will not have any display and do not have start and stop switches. These are also known as Button cell temperature recorders and coin

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What you should know about Temperature & Humidity Mapping and Qualification

All customers have difficulty in deciding their requirement of temperature mapping and qualification for their cold rooms, ware houses, vans, reefers, refrigerators, freezers etc. Temperature mapping is also known as Thermal Mapping study. How to decide your requirements on Temperature

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Single Use Disposable Electronic Temperature Indicator by Cryopak, USA

There are many applications where the user wants a cheap solution just to check whether the temperature has exceeded the limits during transportation, storage etc. The customer may not want a data logger to record the data.Present day solutions are

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Single Source Solution provider for Temperature Control,monitoring & recording

Vacker Group, United Arab Emirates has been a leader in all aspects of Temperature controlling, monitoring and recording products and solutions for entire spectrum of temperature range from -200 Degree Centigrade to 1000 Degree Centigrade (-328 to 1832 Degree Fahrenheit)

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