What you should know about Temperature & Humidity Mapping and Qualification

All customers have difficulty in deciding their requirement of temperature mapping and qualification for their cold rooms, waredownload-guide-of-temperature-mapping-study-and-qualification houses, vans, reefers, refrigerators, freezers etc. Temperature mapping is also known as Thermal Mapping study.

How to decide your requirements on Temperature mapping & Qualification?

We provide brief questionnaire for your guidelines.Temperature-mapping-study-at-Saudi-Arabia

1. Do you need qualification of various major and minor components installed?

2. Do you need qualification of operational parameters

3. Do you require qualification of various functions of the cooling equipment

4. Do you require Temperature qualification alone or Temperature & Humidity. (It depends on the items being stored by you. Please check with the manufacturer of those items if required)

5. What is the temperature range to be qualified

6. What is the Humidity range to be qualifiedtemperature-qualification-of-warehouse

7. How many seasons do you want the qualification to be done ? Summer alone or Summer and winter. Normally for cold rooms, one season is sufficient. For ware houses and vans /reefers it is preferred that the process is done twice in a year

8. What tests to be carried out? Normal tests being carried out are power failure test, loaded test, empty test, door opening test, temperature recovery test etc.

If you provide above details to us we will be happy to provide a free consultation for finalizing your requirements.

Please feel free to down load our free guide on Temperature mapping study & Temperature qualification

Please see our separate page on temperature mapping study and qualification for more details.

Also see our video What is temperature mapping study and qualification?


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