Button Cell Data Loggers

Button Cell data loggers are small data loggers for recording temperature and humidity. These data loggers will not have any display and do not have start and stop switches. These are also known as Button cell temperature recorders and coin type loggers (The size is only as big as a coin)

Typical applicationsbutton-cell-temperature-logger

  1. Transportation and storage of temperature sensitive products such as medicine, vaccine, food etc.
  2. Process industries where the temperature of a process need to be continuously monitored. eg. A metal sheet passing through a heated chamber. the button cell logger can be placed alongwith the metal sheet. The temperature will be continuously recorded as the sheet passes through the chamber. At the end of the process, the data can be downloaded and checked to see the recorded temperature..

Type of Button data loggers

  1. Temperature loggers
  2. Temperature & humidity loggers


  1. It has in built battery which will last for up to one year
  2. Operators cannot make any changed in the recording, start and stop functions etc.
  3. The programming and downloading is carried out through a software with connection through an adaptor.
  4. These are rugged data loggers having long life of operation

How to program & operate Button cell data Loggersbutton-cell-logger-adaptor

In order to program the logger, same has to be inserted into the adaptor and connected to the computer. There is a special software for the logger. Upon opening the software it will detect the particular logger. Now various parameters have to be programmed:

  1. sampling interval (period between each recording)
  2. time of start – the logger will automatically start at this programmed time
  3. Time of stop – the logger will automatically stop at this programmed time. This can be deactivated so that the recording will continue until memory is full

These are also known as Thermochron (Temperature) and  Hygrochron (Temperature+Humidity) which are trademarks of the manufacturer.

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  3. we need a Button data loggers for recording temperature (30 degree centigrade to 65 C) and humidity (0 to 100%) in a Eto steriliser using 100% ethylene oxide steriliser

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