Vacker,UAE beomes dealer for Data loggers of MSR, Switzerand

MSR, Switzerland is an internationally reputed data logger manufacturer, having their data loggers used by NASA in space crafts and space stations. Vacker, UAE has been appointed as the dealer for their entire range of  data loggers for the entire Middle East region. Vacker UAE operates directly and through associates in all Middle East countries.

Data loggers by MSR, SwitzerlandMSR Data Logger

Details of few of  their data loggers are listed here. What is your parameter for monitoring and recording?

Let it be anything like temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, light etc. MSR has a solution for the same.

a. Data logger with LCD for temperature, pressure, light etc.

This data logger has 5 inbuilt sensors and also can take inputs from 4 external sensors. it can measure temperature, humidity,pressure, light, acceleration etc. Also, external analog inputs can be connected. The data logger also can generate analogue outputs.

The unit has a recording capacity of 2,000,000 readings.bluetooth-wireless-data-logger-MSR

The logger is powered by a Rechargeable battery.

The communication interface is through USB.

b. Data Logger with Bluetooth data transfer

This data logger can take inputs from 5 internal of external sensors.  The sensors can be temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration and light. The data transfer is through Bluetooth communication mode (Bluetooth Low Energy , Bluetooth 4.0 Smart, 2.4 GHz)

The unit has a recording capacity of 1,000,000 readings.

c. 9 Channel Mini Data Loggerpressure-acceleration-speed-data-logger

This is a very small sized data logger which can take different external sensors. The possible measurements are temperature, humidity, air pressure, fluid pressure, light, acceleration etc. Also, K-type Thermocouple  can be connected. The device has a memory of up to 1,000,000 readings.

d. 3 Axis vibration & acceleration data logger

This  is ideal for measuring acceleration & vibration in all three axes. Measurement of up to 1,000,000 reading is possible through enhanced Micro SD card

The device is IP 67 waterproof.

3-axis digital accelerometer is integrated into the data logger.

You can also buy these data loggers from Vacker online store.


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