Are humidifiers harmful or helpful to respiratory infections?

commercial humidifier

The winter season is almost here, and it is the time when many people fall ill due to cold and cough or various respiratory infections.

Especially if people are working in a dry environment, the situation worsens, leading to nasal congestion, difficulty in breathing etc.

For entrepreneurs, it is definitely a cause of concern as your business might get affected if your employees are not in good health. Worry not!

The commercial humidifier from eminent brands can help the workforce to recover from cough or respiratory infections, keeping up the business workflow.

Humidifier: What is it?

The device through which you can raise the humidity in your home or workspace is called a humidifier. This equipment has a water tank installed within.

Converting water into moisture and mixing it with the surrounding air, the humidifiers disperse the moist air into the inhabited space improving the room environment.

You will find two types of humidifiers available in the market, industrial humidifier for large business sectors and portable ones for individual use. Here are some of the features that supreme-quality humidifiers have:

  • It can effectively function with tap water instead of distilled water.
  • The device has an electronic humidity controller (hygrostat) that controls it automatically.
  • The humidifiers do not make noise and are smaller in size.
  • The automatic switch-off technology shuts the unit when the water tank is empty.

Humidifiers: How can they help cure respiratory infections?

Though medical professionals have distinct viewpoints on whether humidifiers help reduce respiratory infections or they actually contribute to the same, the fact is that dry air is not good when you have cough and cold-related problems.

Also, dry air makes it tough to blow out the dry cough when the person has a respiratory infection.

Rest assured, installing commercial humidifier in your workspace will help relieve your employees from breathing trouble as the humidity will moisturise their throat, nasal passages, and lungs. That is why many doctors recommend using humidifiers for respiratory infections.

Nonetheless, for better results, apply the following tips while using the industrial humidifier:

  • Avoid any vaporubs or aromatic essential oils as they release chemicals that disturb the respiratory tract.
  • Clean the humidifiers at regular intervals to stop microbes from growing up inside.
  • Monitor the humidity levels to prevent health problems.


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