Cold Chain Consultancy in the Middle East by Cryopak,USA

Cryopak, USA offers Cold Chain consultancy for Pharmaceutical,Food &  life science Industry in the entire Middle East countries. The consultancy services cover various aspects of storage, transportation and distribution of medicines, vaccines, blood samples, tissue samples etc. in controlled temperature environments.

Cold Chain Consultancy service

Cold Chain is generally referred to the entire chain of manufacture, transportation, storage and distribution of goods which are to be kept at controlled temperature. The services being offered by Cryopak include:

1. Risk analysis of environmental conditionscold-chain-consultancy

Studying and analysing the risks in environmental conditions and in enclosed areas such as cold room, ware house, refrigerator, freezer etc.

2. Qualification and validation of equipment and processes and temperature mapping study

This is the process of studying the equipment and enclosed areas involved in the entire chain and certifying that they are suitable for the applications.This also covers temperature & humidity mapping study. Also compliance with CFR Part 11 is verified

3.  Continuous monitoring and control

The temperature controlled storage and transportation facilities are studied and necessary monitoring and control solutions are recommended. This will involve real time alerts such as email, phone call, SMS etc.

4. Cold Chain Design

This involves suitable design of all elements of the cold chain such as cold rooms, ware houses, packaging solutions etc.

5. Cold Chain auditing

Entire cold chain processes from manufacture to distribution is studied and any weak links are analysed and reported.

6. GMP/GDP Compliance

Existing systems are analysed and recommendations are issued for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) & Good Distribution Practice (GDP)cold-chain-auditing

7. Cold Chain Training

Training is imparted to individuals and companies on all aspects of Cold Chain Management

8. Regulatory Compliance

Customers are given necessary support and recommendations for meeting regulatory requirements in various countries in the Middle East

The countries presently covered for Cold Chain Consultancy are United Arab Emirate, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus & India

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