Different models of Temperature Data Loggers

VackerGlobal supplies a wide range of temperature data loggers. These are for applications such as Pharma, life care, agriculture, logistics etc. Few of our major models are listed herein.

  1. Technical data sheet of  iMini series Temperature data logger(pdf)
  2. Sample reports : pdf report , Excel report , Text report
  3. Videos demonstrating method of operation

Different models of iMini Temperature Data logger

Sl. No.

Item #

Memory capacity No. of readings


iMINI, temperature data logger with internal sensor

iMini Temperature data logger with internal sensor
1Model no. MX-IN-S-8-L8000 readings
2Model no. MX-IN-S-16-L16000 readings
3Model no. MX-IN-S-32-L32000 readings
4Model no. MX-IN-S-64-L64000 readings
5Model no. MX-IN-S-128-L128000 readings

iMINI, temperature data logger With One External sensor

1Model no. MX-OE-S-8-L8000 readings
2Model no. MX-OE-S-16-L16000 readingsiMini Temperature data logger with external sensor
3Model no. MX-OE-S-32-L32000 readings
4Model no. MX-OE-S-64-L64000 readings
5Model no. MX-OE-S-128-L128000 readings

iMINI, temperature data logger With Two External sensors

1Model no. MX-2E-S-8-L8000 readings
2Model no. MX-2E-S-16-L16000 readings
3Model no. MX-2E-S-32-L32000 readings
4Model no. MX-2E-S-64-L64000 readings
5Model no. MX-2E-S-128-L128000 readings

iMINI, temperature data logger With One Internal sensor and One External sensor

1Model no. MX-1E-S-8-L8000 readings
2Model no. MX-1E-S-16-L16000 readings
3Model no. MX-1E-S-32-L32000 readings
4Model no. MX-1E-S-64-L64000 readings
5Model no. MX-1E-S-128-L128000 readings

Single use USB temperature data logger with Internal sensor: Plug and Play logger

Single use USB Temperature data logger
1Model no. MX-ST-S-8-L8000 readings
Single use type Data Logger With Internal sensor (with inbuilt calibration certificate)
2Model no. MX-ST-S-8-L-P8000 readings
Single use type Data Logger With display - iMini LCD
Single use USB Temperature data logger with LCD display
Model no. ML-ST-S-88000 readings

High Temperature Data Logger & Pasteurization data logger

1Model no. HJ-IN-V-16-CI:
High Temperature Logger, stainless steel, 25mm axial probe (0 to 125°C)
16000 readings
2Model no. HJ-FP-V-16-CI:
Food Pasteurization data Logger, stainless steel, 15mmRA/60mm axial probe (0 to 125°C)
16000 readings
3Model no. HJ-FP-V-16-CAP : Food Pasteurization Logger, stainless steel, 15mmRA no axial probe16000 readings

Product Description of Temperature Data Logger with one external sensor

  1. Brief Title of the device: Temperature data logger model with one external sensor Model VAC-MX-OE-S-8-L.
  2. Brief Description of the device: This model of Temperature data recorder has one external sensor. Useful for application such as thermally insulated boxes, medical refrigerator etc. You can keep the logger outside and insert the sensor.
  3. Model number: VAC-MX-OE-S-8-L
  4. Brand: Cryopak
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1000000010
  7. Price (USD): 158.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

You can also buy these data loggers from Vacker online store.

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  1. Christopher Winter says:

    We currently have wireless wifi temperature tracking but we have a new prospective client that requires more reporting. I did see that you can offer KMT reports from your units. I was hoping I could get some pricing for temperature units. The warehouse needs to be at 68 to 77 degrees

  2. Good day

    We are interested in acquiring the temperature and humidity datalogger that has the calculation for the model’s kinetic temperature

    mx-in-s32-l for shipment to Colombia if it is possible to send a formal quotation to the e-mail edwin.robles@makeltda.com

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