The Benefits of Cold Room for Storage of Flowers for Floral Business

The Benefits of Cold Room for Storage of Flowers for Floral Business

Everyone agrees that flowers look best on the plants they blossom. They look bright and fresh when you pick them, but soon after spending a day on the counter, their beauty fades. So how are florists supposed to store and display flowers? The solution is to use a refrigerator temperature monitoring system. Florists can use these refrigerators to display their flowers and keep them fresh and lively for long periods. Cold Room for Storage of Flowers can be daisy-chained together to create a display along an entire store wall.

The functions and features of the refrigerator you are choosing should be observed. Modern refrigerating units come with a temperature monitor for the freezer. These temperature monitoring systems are connected via LAN (Local Area Network) or WIFI networks. After the successful completion of setting up the monitoring network, the temperatures inside the refrigerating units can be remotely monitored from any device with an active internet connection. Flowers remain the most fresh when stored in a temperature range of 33 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. A refrigerator temperature monitoring system is thus essential to maintain the temperature inside this range.

Traditional flower cooler units are considered to be a popular substitution for dedicated refrigerators. The problem with traditional flower coolers is that they lack fine control over the temperature and humidity of the storage. These coolers are also prone to rapid temperature fluctuations that can degrade the freshness of the flowers. Dedicated refrigerators for flower displays have a refrigerator temperature monitoring system. These monitoring systems have highly-sensitive & sophisticated sensors that maintain the temperature consistently with a high degree of accuracy. The best units report having an accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius. 

You may be wondering how the upfront cost may be too expensive, But investing in a refrigerating unit will allow you to store better stock of flowers. You can charge your customers a premium for providing the freshest flowers. This upgraded infrastructure will also allow you to sell rarer and more expensive flowers with higher inherent margins. All these advantages when compounded together prove that the costs associated with these refrigerators also increase business turnover ultimately making the business more profitable in the long run. Contact us today for more information on our products.

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