Active and Passive Cooling Boxes for Medicine, Vaccine, Blood, Samples etc.

Cooling Boxes are used for transportation and logistics of any temperature sensitive products such as Medicine, Vaccines, Blood, Tissues, Samples, passive-qualified-cooling-ice-boxbiotech payload etc.

Active and Passive Boxes for Cold Chain Management

These are the classification of cooling boxes based on the principles of operation in general and are detailed here under:

Passive Cooling Boxes (EPS boxes)

Passive boxes are boxes with insulated walls. The temperature sensitive product has to be kept inside these boxes as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Various boxes manufactured by Cryopak, USA are being supplied:

a. -20 Deg C rated boxes suitable for a duration of 24 to 96 hours

b. 2 to 8 Deg C rated boxes suitable for a duration of 24 to 96 hours

c. Insulated box with Phase Change materialcold-chain-insulated-pallet-box

d. Insulated Pallet shippers for duration of upto 120 hours

Any of the above boxes can be supplied after qualification so that the customer can meet all regulatory requirements.

Boxes of varying sizes up to 5 Cubic feet can be readily supplied and custom sizes can be supplied against orders.

The insulating material are EPS, Urethane, PIR & PUR

Active Cooling Boxes

Active cooling boxes are boxes with insulated walls and fitted with a cooling unit. The cooling unit can be connected to normal power supply of 230 V / 110 V AC as well as 12 V / 24V DC supply of

While at the warehouse the box can be connected to AC supply and can be cooled and medicine will be loaded inside. Then the box is loaded into the van or truck and will be connected to the 12 V / 24 V DC power supply the vehicle. At the delivery point, the box is disconnected and carried to the customer and will be unloaded to a cold room /refrigerator. So the box is working on power continuously except during loading and unloading.

The advantage is that transportation of a small payload can be effectively carried out for longer duration.

Qualification of the above boxes also can be carried out. Alternatively we can  supply pre-qualified boxes

What is GDP cold chain validated cool box?

GDP is the short form of Good Distribution Practices, which means recommended distribution practices for temperature sensitive products, especially for medicines, vaccines etc.

The cool boxes being supplied by us can be validated / qualified in linen with GDP cold chain practices. Such boxes are certified that it will withstand recommended temperature (eg 2-8°C) for a certain duration (eg. 24 hours, 48 hours etc.).

Such boxes are tested by the manufacturer in testing chambers and the duration is tested and a test report is issued for each design.


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15 comments on “Active and Passive Cooling Boxes for Medicine, Vaccine, Blood, Samples etc.
  1. Please send a quotation for Passive EPS/XPS boxes.
    5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 50L and more as per your prodducts.

    please show the prices for 15/25 degree, 2/8 degree and -7/-21 degree also.

  2. Sridhar Kaliyamurthy says:

    Please send the quotation for the active cooling boxes with temperature between -70C to -200C

  3. Alaa says:

    Hi Dears,

    Please send me a quotation for passive cool units with a capacity of 70 L onward


  4. Aakas Mustafa says:

    i Wanted to purchase this product, please forward me the details and quotation of this product.

  5. Anoesjka Myburg says:

    Good day

    I need prices on passive cooling boxes please.

  6. Mohamed irfan. says:

    is re-mapping is needed for passive cold box? since it does not consist of cooling components to determine its efficacy again and again. kindly suggest.

    • Vacker says:

      It has no active components so there is no requirement as per the standards for periodic validation. However you may observe wear and tear especially around the lids which might cause gaps. In this case you may need revalidation.

  7. FD Dabs says:

    Hello do you supply Dubai? Please call me asap as I need to place an order

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