Cold Chain Packaging Solutions by Cryopak, USA | Vacker UAE

Cryopak USA supplies various Cold Chain Packaging Solutions. Vacker UAE is the authorised partner for all these products in the Middle East countries.Insulated shipping box

Cryopak manufacturers entire range of the packaging solutions in its manufacturing facility at France.

The importance of cold chain packaging for temperature sensitive products such as medicines and food is to keep the goods within the specified temperature range for the required duration for storage and transportation purposes.

As an example the medicines have to be always kept within a temperature range of 2 and 8 Deg Centigrade at all times.

While it is possible to maintain this temperature in a cold room or inside a temperature controlled vehicle, it needs special packaging for short term delivery requirements or when temperature controlled facilities are not available for a certain duration.

Cryopak supplies various Cold Chain products including various sizes of boxes. Qualified boxes can also be supplied so that customers can utilise same with confidence for all parties involved in the chain.

Molded insulated container box

In association with Cryopak USA, Vacker Group supplies various temperature monitoring products and solutions, pakaging solutions and carries out temperature mapping study and qualification in all Middle East countries including UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Jordan.


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5 comments on “Cold Chain Packaging Solutions by Cryopak, USA | Vacker UAE
  1. anita says:

    need thermo controlled boxes for airfright

  2. Nick says:

    This is a list of great ideas for when you are trying to transport food. I use several of these tips for many of my friends who have had babies, or have needed food drop off for some reason.

  3. Ehab says:

    Dear Reader

    I am looking for this boxes or similar product for airfreight shipping of cold chain pharmaceuticals and Lab reagents.
    Something to stabilize temperature between 2-8 for the longest duration.
    Please quote for me quantity 20 as start ASAP

    ThermoSafe Insulated Shipper

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