Gel packs and Ice Packs for medicines and vaccines

Gel packs and Ice packs are used inside cool boxes during storage and transportation of temperature sensitive Ice-Pak-Bottle-for-cold-boxesmaterial such as medicines, vaccines, body tissues, blood etc. These are mainly for usage in healthcare, life sciences, research segment etc. including medicines between 2°C to 8°C. We can also use these for transportation of temperature-sensitive food items inside cool boxes.

Gel packs for cool boxes

The Gel packs come in different shapes. The cooling material is a gel which cools down and retains the temperature for a long time. These are food grade as approved by FDA of US Government. The Gel is non-toxic. The Gel is packed inside a plastic cover.

There are different size of Gel packets from size of 4 x 4 inches to 6.25 x 10 inches.Gel-Packs-for-cold-items

Ice Packs for cool boxes

The Ice packs are in hard plastic and the content is water. The content is non-toxic and is food grade. The ice packs are reusable since they are in hard plastic.

There are different size of Gel packets from 3.00 inch x 5.00 inch to 6.75 x 9.50 inches.

How to use the Gel Packs & Ice Packs?

These are to be used inside passive cold boxes (thermal insulated boxes) Gel-Packs-for-cold-boxesused for transportation of medicine, vaccines and other temperature sensitive items. The Gel packs have to be precooled inside a cold room or freezer before usage. The Passive Box has to be brought to the cold room. To start with, the precooled Ice packs or Gel packs have to be placed inside the box at the bottom. Thereafter the packs have to be placed inside on all side walls of the boxes. thereafter place the medicine inside the box. Then place the Gel or Ice packs at the top also and then close the box. Now the box is ready for shipment. If you would require, you can place a multi-use data logger or single-use data logger to record the temperature inside the box.

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