How To Improve Cold Storage Efficiency with Vacker’s range of Products?

improve cold storage efficiency - warehouse temperature monitoring

Believe it or not, the demand for IoT is real. Warehouse facility managers want the best for better product quality and they want to optimize their facilities and building operations cost-effectively. That’s when a wireless temperature monitoring system based on IoT principles came into the big picture. When it comes to temperature and humidity monitoring, the need for IoT implementation is substantial and Vacker has proved it time and again. How? Read on to find out. 

Vacker’s warehouse temperature monitoring system: A boon for warehouses

Recently Vacker’s newest IoT-based warehouse temperature monitoring system is a sensation in the industrial eco-system because of its reasonable prices, accessibility, functionality, and operational seamlessness. Warehouse owners are installing Vacker’s temperature monitoring system to track and monitor their warehouses used to store food, meat, etc, and ensure that the condiments are kept at a specific temperature. 

But, why Vacker?

Vacker is heralding a spectacular swing of dynamism in the warehouse biosphere because of its feature-enriched attributes. The key characteristics of the temperature and humidity monitoring systems from Vacker are listed as follows:

  • These systems are battery-powered standalone units that continue to operate in the case of a power loss.
  • These are data recorders and transmitters that broadcast information over several different channels, such as WiFi, radio frequency, LAN, and others.
  • They can operate without a computer network and independently.
  • Will notify you by email, text, and phone call if the temperature or humidity exceeds the set thresholds.
  • Graphs and charts can be displayed on any device or computer.
  • A user receives a daily or weekly summary report through email from the system.
  • We can connect many sites to a single program when it comes to centralized software.
  • In addition, as per the individual requirements of the warehouses, each sensor set at different locations of the storage facility can have a different alert level as well. 

Different wireless, wired, ethernet, and WiFi models come with their software displaying the readings in graph form. Need more information? Consult the experts at Vacker now! 

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