Vacker’s IoT-based Temperature Monitoring System: Why Do You Need Them?

vackers iot based temperature monitoring system

There is no denying that over the years, the IoT or Internet of Things has grown extensively. Why? The inclination towards maintaining the productivity of the manpower, equipment, and building operations has propelled the use of IoT, and temperature monitoring systems are no exception. Temperature monitoring systems with climate and humidity control are required in warehouses to store things like medicine, food, and vegetables. They have been the new-age necessity, and Vacker has come up with an excellent future-driven temperature control system. Curious? Delve in to know more. 

The need for an IoT-based temperature monitoring system

In large-scale industries, temperature and humidity monitoring is becoming increasingly crucial for optimum product quality. A temperature monitoring device plays a decisive role in allowing real-time data collection, ensuring consistent product quality, helping facilities evaluate the equipment performance, identifying staff training gaps, and more. Recently, Vacker’s IoT-based temperature monitoring system has created a major ripple in the industrial landscape. How? Let’s find out! 

The future of temperature monitoring

The temperature monitoring device from Vacker can enable humidity monitoring with an alert for walk-in chillers, warehouses, and cold rooms. The real-time humidity and temperature monitoring solution can track the temperature and continuously record the data for storage on a computer or in the cloud after the data gets backed up.

After conducting a thorough temperature mapping of a certain area, potential hot spots can be identified where the sensors can be installed. Vacker’s temperature monitoring systems can be used to:

  • Record the temperature of a cold room and keep track of power outages.
  • To record and monitor critical room temperature and humidity in Hospital ICU and other rooms.
  • To record and monitor the temperature of walk-in freezers and chillers.
  • To record the temperature of any cold storage used to store vaccines, medications, etc. and keep track of power outages, and more. 

Get started now!

Do you need a temperature and humidity monitoring system for your warehouse or cold rooms? Well, Vacker can offer you competitive quotes for installation and devices. The automatic recording and monitoring can send you notifications during adverse conditions, and as per your requirement, each sensor can have a different level. So, did you get a quote yet? 

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