Oxygen Monitor

Vacker Global supplies different kinds of devices for building automation systems worldwide. One of the important devices that are supplied by our company is the oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensors are useful in different fields from industries to science lab. Oxygen sensors are the vital part of oxygen monitors.

Introduction to Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen sensors are specially designed electronic devices that are used to measure the level oxygen in a gas or liquid system. Famous inventor Robert Bosch GmbH is said to be the pioneer in the development of oxygen sensor. He developed oxygen sensor in the late 60’s with assistance of Dr. Gunter Bauman.

Applications of Oxygen Sensor

Vacker Global supplies Oxygen Sensors worldwide, that find their applications in the below listed areas:

  • It helps in measuring the level of exhaust gas concentration of oxygen for internal combustion engines in vehicles. Measuring the level of oxygen is a standard procedure in automobile industry.
  • These sensors also help to measure respiration as well as production of oxygen in a living being. These oxygen sensors are a must for different devices used in the hospitals such as oxygen concentrators, respirators, anesthesia etc.
  • Partial pressure of oxygen in respirator used by divers can be measured with the help of oxygen sensor.
  • Oxygen sensors also help in monitoring of concentration of oxygen in a close system. They are a major component of hypoxic air fire prevention system.

i. Automotive Application

Emission control and electronic fuel injection has been made more advanced with the development of automotive oxygen sensors. They are used in determining the air-fuel ratio in a combustion engine instantaneously. This helps in controlling the emission and protects the engine of automobile from getting damaged.

ii. Scientific Application

The quality of a soil also can be measured with the help of oxygen sensors in terms of “soil respiration”. These oxygen sensors also find their application in marine biology. They are used to monitor the respiration in an organism or a community of organism. These are also helpful in measuring the primary production of organism such as algae. Vacker Global provides oxygen sensors that can measure the concentration level of oxygen in liquid with great accuracy. Generally we provide two types of oxygen sensors for scientific work which are known as electrochemical sensors and optodes. We can use both kinds of oxygen sensors according to the requirement.

iii. Diving

Diving oxygen sensors are also commonly known as oxygen analyzer. They help in measuring the oxygen concentration of breathing gas in nitrox and trimix.

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    Required Oxygen Detector for Confined Space purpose ,

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    Requirement for oxygen probes for a project with ADNOC

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