RFID temperature data loggers

RFID Temperature loggers use the technology of RFID to transfer the data. A temperature data logger is used to record the temperature.  This article explains A927ZET Temperature Logger UHF Semi-Passive Tag with External Probe. This is manufactured by CAEN RFID, Italy.

Specifications of RFID Data logger

Brief details of this data logger are listed below.


  1. User Memory size is 17522 byte.
  2. It has an access control.
  3. The memory will be retained for 100 years.
  4. Memory endurance is 10000 cycles.
  5. Read range of the RFID logger is 10 meters in the air and 2.5 meters on metal.
  6. The frequency band in which it operates is 860 MHz to 928 MHz.
  7. Write time for a reading is 100 µsec.
  8. Alarms are user-configurable for high temperature and low temperature alarms.
  9. The battery Life of the logger is 3 years, depending on usage and operating temperature.
  10. Battery Type of the logger is Li / MnO2 Model Renata CR 2450N.
  11. The logger can be operated in a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C.
  12. The logger can be stored in a temperature of -40°C to +85°C.
  13. The readings are with a temperature Resolution of ±0.1°C
  14. The RFID logger has ab IP rating of IP67, which means it is protected against water and dust.
  15. Dimensions of the logger is (L, W, H) 4 mm (Length),  23.4 mm (Width), 12.7 mm (Height) without the external probe.
  16. The length of the external probe is 50 cm.
  17. The weight of the RFID data logger is 48 grams.

The image and details are copyrighted by the manufacturer CAEN RFID, Italy.

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