Vacker ties up with Roambee, USA for Bluetooth monitoring systems

Roambee, USA the leading supplier of Bluetooth data loggers for monitoring various parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Location etc.

You can have a single monitoring system for your warehouses, cold rooms, fleet, containers etc. over air, sea and land transportation. You do not need to have separate monitoring and alert systemsany more.wireless-data-logger-for-temperature-GPSLocation-vibration-pressure

VackerGlobal is a leading Engineering company providing various types of monitoring systems, leak detection systems, automation solutions etc. VackerGlobal has tied up with Roambee to distribute its products mainly in the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries.

Asset monitoring by wireless Dataloggers

The existing technologies are stand-alone data loggers, Radiofrequency data loggers, RFID monitoring system etc. In comparison to all these technologies, Roambee offers a lot of additional advantages as listed below:

  1. It can track real-time location with a SIM card based device.
  2. It can transmit Real-time condition of the assets being monitored.
  3. The customer can monitor Item-level status across the supply chain instead of overall status.wireless-tracking-of-GPS-temperature-Fleet-container
  4. You can use it for all mode of transports covering road, rail, air, sea etc. 
  5. The customer does not need to set up any local networking infrastructure for collection and transmission of data.
  6. It is possible to integrate with most of the existing ERP and CRM software systems. In order to check compatibility with your existing software, please contact one of our offices.

Single wireless data logger for all your Monitoring needs

The Roambee system can monitor the following parameters and more are being added:

  1. The physical location of the asset such as a container, truck etc.
  2. The temperature of the consignment.
  3. The humidity of the consignment.monitoring-system-for-warehouse-containers-fleets-GPS-temperature
  4. The altitude or pressure of the asset.
  5. Shock or vibration of sensitive goods.
  6. The tilt of the goods especially for consignments such as medical equipment, transformers etc.
  7. Tamper of the container, box etc.

Thus you can see that it covers all of your monitoring needs in a single system.

A single combined monitoring system for your warehouse, trucks, containers etc.

As Roambee system does not need communication channels within your premises, you can use a single system for all your monitoring needs. The system has Bluetooth and SIM card based data transmission. Hence you do not need separate monitoring systems for your warehouse, trucks, containers etc. Even if you have a separate set of trucks for local transportation and international transportation you do not have to worry about having a separate set of systems.

How a single system covers all your monitoring needs

Consider a typical system consisting of multiple warehouses, a fleet of trucks and fleet-warehouse-cargo-monitoring-for-location-temperaturecontainers going around the world. We will describe how each of the assets is monitored.

  1. Consider that the warehouse has 20 recording points. You will need 20 data loggers known as Bees. These devices will communicate with a central device known as BeeBeacon. This BeeBeacon will collect the data from the Bees and will transmit to the server. The BeeBeacon operates with a SIM card. Based on the layout of the warehouse, you may need one or more of the BeeBeacon devices.
  2. For your fleet, we have Roambee Fleet system. These operate with SIM card and transmit the data in real time to the server. Data such as Location, Temperature, Vibration etc. can be recorded.
  3. For containers in international shipping, you can use a similar system and will transmit various data.

The data from all the devices will be available in our centralised software and you can see a different form of Analytics on the screen.

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