Phone Call/SMS alert for Monitoring Temperature, Smoke,Fire, Water leakage etc.

This is a unique device which operates on battery and with a SIM card. The device can be programmed to give alerts for up to 4 different conditions. Upon receiving a trigger, it will make automatic phone calls and SMS to 4/8 operators and will deliver a customised voice message and text message indicating the type of fault. 4 different voice messages and text messages can be programmed. eg. If input 1 is programmed for temperature monitoring  device, you can record a voice and text message indicating that temperature exceed the limits. So when the temperature goes above the programmed limits, it will start dialing the operators to deliver the messages. The phone calls will be made in a circular fashion to all these operators until one of them picks up the call acknowledges by pressing the # button.

Parameters that can be monitored:

  1. Exceeding Temperature Limits Alarm
  2. Exceeding Humidity Limits Alarm
  3. Smoke Alarm upon detection of Smoke
  4. Gas Leakage Alarm upon detection of any particular Gas
  5. Fire alarm upon detetion of Fire
  6. Water leakage Alarm
  7. Opening of a door without authorisation
  8. Electrical Faults
  9. Tripping of Compressor etc.

Virtually you can monitor any parameter through sensors and upon detecting a critical condition, an alarm will be generated.

Temperature monitoring alert device

Also, this can be programmed to send an SMS to a software which will then generate email alert messages to any number of operators. Thus single instrument can generate voice call, SMS and email alert system.

Applications of Phone call alert system:

This system can be implemented for monitoring:

a. Warehouses

b.Refrigerator & Freezer

c. Cold Room

d. Server Room & Data centre

e. Remote control station without internet or server connection

f. Furnaces for high-temperature systems

Please see videos of operation and functioning of this alert system

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