Wireless & WiFi medical Refrigerator Temperature Alarm

Medical refrigerators need to be monitored continuously especially for temperature variations. Various medical refrigerators under this category are:

  1. Blood bank refrigerator (2 to 7°C)medical-Refrigerator-temperature-monitoring-alert-WiFi
  2. Reagent refrigerator (2 to 8°C)
  3. Pharmacy refrigerators (2 to 8°C)
  4. Medicine refrigerator (2 to 8°C)
  5. Vaccine refrigerator (different kind of settings)
  6. Plasma freezers (-30 to -40°C)

What are the parameters to be recorded monitored in medical refrigerators?

Generally for all such units, only temperature need to be monitored.However in certain cases depending on the type of content being stored, humidity also may need to be monitored.

What are the functions & features required for monitoring system?

The following functions are generally required for such monitoring systems

  1. Recording of temperature (and humidity if required)
  2. Email, SMS & preferably Phone call alert in the event of temperature variations beyond permitted levels
  3. Local siren/buzzer to be activated in the event of temperature variations beyond permitted levels.
  4. The sensors should be calibrated periodically at least once in an year or as per local regulations
  5. Wired, Wireless or WiFi based transmission of data. (We recommend WiFi devices. Monitoring systems based on radio frequency may interfere with other equipment of a hospital)
  6. Alert system should function even in case of power failure or server failure. Especially server based and cloud based alert  system have lower dependability compared to an independent system. The alert system should be preferably 100% independent.
  7. The temperature sensor should be preferably inserted in a Glycol/Glycerin  bottle inside the refrigerator. This is to absorb sudden variations in temperature when a door is opened. The variation of temperature in air is much faster than glycerin. The rise in temperature of glycerin is much slower and hence sudden variations will be avoided. However if you require very critical monitoring and want to monitor even slight variations, it is preferred not to use Glycerin bottle.
  8. Alarms should be set with a time delay. eg. If you have to maintain temperature between 2 to 8°C, you can set alert at 3 °C & 7°C with a time delay of 5 minutes. This  means that if the temperature goes below 3°C or above 7°C for 5 minutes, the alerts viz Email, SMS and Phone calls will be made
  9. Sampling interval of not more than 3 to 5 minutes should be programmed depending on the critical nature of the contents. Sampling interval is the frequency of recording the data.
  10. The alert function of the monitoring device should be independent of the sampling interval. This means the device should be continuously monitoring the data irrespective of the data recording.
  11. The device should have its own recording and battery back up so that even in case of power failure or server failure, the data recording should happen continuously and data should  not be lost.

Our solution for Medical Refrigerator monitoring

We provide various options of such monitoring systems for all kinds of refrigerators and freezers. Few of the different types are:

  1. Ethernet connected monitoring
  2. Wireless (Zigbee protocol) monitoring system
  3. WiFi based system with Email alert
  4. Cloud based SMS alert
  5. WiFi based system with Phone call, Email & SMS
  6. SIM card based phone call& SMS alerts with battery back up

Please click to see details of our Temperature monitoring and alert systems for medical refrigerator

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