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Single use Temperature & Humidity logger Tempsen-ITAG4TH

This is disposable, single-use Temperature & Humidity data logger. It is useful for the pharmaceutical industry, logistics, food industry etc. As the name indicates, you can use the same only once. Technical specification of disposable Temp & Humidity logger Tempsen-ITAG4TH

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Vac-KooL: Low cost cold storage upto 40% cheaper+50% power saving

Low-cost cold storage room, lower capital cost and lower electricity charges with 2 years warranty. Operates in normal single-phase electricity. Vacker introduces Vac-KooL low-cost cold storage using a special technology. The conventional cold storages use normal compressor type cooling units. Our

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Phone call & SMS alert for temperature, humidity, water leak, fire, Gas etc.

This is a standalone alert system for generating phone and SMS alert. This is only a SIM card based alert system. This is an optional device for our power failure monitor, water leak monitor, temperature monitor etc. This is a

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Validation of software for cold chain & pharma compliance process

In cold chain industry, it is essential to validate various assets and processes. This is especially important in the pharma industry. This is required to ensure that the quality of medicines is not compromised throughout various stages from manufacture until

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ATM Temperature Monitoring system with phone alert

Temperature and humidity monitoring of ATM machine cabins are important for proper functioning of the ATMs. High temperature or humidity will affect the performance of the ATMs. Our ATM monitoring system is a simple plug and play system which does

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