Vacker Group provides Temperature Mapping Study & Qualification in India

Vacker Group has been the biggest provider of Temperature mapping study & qualification in the Middle East for Pharmaceutical industry. Vacker has been providing temperature mapping study (also Temperature & humidity mapping study) for vans, cold rooms, ware houses, reefers, active boxes, passive boxes etc. used for storage and transportation of medicines, vaccines etc.

Challenges in Cold Chain Management in India

Most of the challenges in other tropical and developing countries are applicable in the Indian context too. However there are few major points that we noted in the Indian situation:

  1. The manufacturing & distribution network is huge and cover numerous weak points
  2. There are different regulations for each state of
  3. The transporter collects medicines and distributes across different states. The transporter may have to follow different rules for each state
  4. There are no rules enforced by the state or central Government for implementing mapping study and qualification for any of the assets
  5. Awareness of the transporters and distributors on cold chain management is very poor
  6. Each state has hugely different climatic conditions and a road transporter going through different states will have to ensure special caution to meet all these conditions.temperature-mapping-and-qualification-India
  7. Many of the states have temperature crossing 40 Degree Centigrade
  8. Power supply is not continuous especially in rural areas.
  9. Distributing medicines and vaccines in rural and remote areas is very challenging.

Necessity of temperature mapping study & qualification in India

We have written various guidelines, informative articles and case studies on this subject throughout our various subjects and online forums.

Please see few of them below:

  1. Procedure and guidelines (pdf document – 18 pages)
  2. Sample protocol ( pdf document – 7 pages)
  3. Video What is temperature mapping study and qualification (youtube video – 4 minutes)
  4. Video on Temperature mapping, validation & qualification of vehicle, cold room, ware house (youtube video – 4 minutes)
  5. Video – Difference between Temperature Mapping & Validation / Qualification (youtube video – 3 minutes)
  6. Main page on our services in this segment

All of the above are relevant for in India too.

Our services in India

Vacker Group has worldwide experience in providing various products and solutions for Cold Chain Management for the Pharmaceutical industry. Vacker follows international standard recommended by WHO, European Union, USA etc. and operates in India and all Middle East countries.

India Office

#14, 3rd Cross, CV Raman Nagar
Tel : 9645251504

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