Importance of Temperature Monitoring in GCC Nations


Temperature is an important part of the environment. Temperature has a large effect on human life as well as the environment. Temperature also can affect various products and properties. And likely, temperature monitoring is required for comfortable living. Temperature also can affect the qualities of various kinds of products hence it is necessary to monitor temperature continuously.

GCC is a group of countries with very hot climate. The GCC nations include Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar. The natural climate of these countries does not allow the people in the country to live comfortably. Hence, artificial ways of managing temperature are very important for these countries. These countries generally have automated HVAC system installed. Temperature monitoring system makes it possible to maintain the temperature of a place automatically. The environment of GCC nations are far more hostile in terms of temperature than other parts of the world hence temperature monitoring is more important for these countries comparatively.

Temperature monitoring is especially important for food industries, cold rooms, warehouses, data centers, clean rooms, server rooms, health care industries, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, etc. The environmental parameters of these places need to be strictly controlled to maintain the overall required standard as per international and local law.

Due to the hot and humid condition of the locations protection of temperature-sensitive products is also a challenging thing. The maintenance of the quality of products such as fresh fruits, milk, medicine, vaccines is highly challenging in the climate of GCC nations. Without the continuous monitoring of temperature in the storage of these products, maintaining the quality is almost impossible. Temperature monitoring has helped to live a comfortable life and protect products worth millions of dollars.

Various types of temperature monitoring system

Below listed are the different types of Temperature Monitoring Systems:

  1. Temperature monitoring system for HVAC system in residential homes


    GCC nations generally tend to have temperature in the higher side and effective HVAC system is a must for residential homes. Temperature monitoring systems integrated with the HVAC system of residential homes create a comfortable living environment for the residents. Vacker Global has been supplying high quality temperature monitoring systems for millions of residential homes across the GCC nations.

  2. Temperature monitoring for temperature mapping

    Temperature mapping is one of the important processes that help to ensure the protection of quality of products during storage of transportation. The main goal of temperature mapping is the identification of hot spots in a place. Vacker Global supplies temperature monitoring systems for temperature mapping for all kinds of warehouses, server rooms, carrier vans, etc.

  3. Temperature monitoring for cold rooms

    Various kinds of products such as medicines, vaccines, meat, vegetables etc. are stored in a cold room. Monitoring temperature inside the cold rooms helps to ensure the temperature is well in the range of required temperature. Monitoring temperature helps in the protection of these kinds of products which quality can easily be compromised in high temperature. Our temperature monitoring systems for cold rooms can be connected to Wi-Fi which helps in monitoring the temperature from a remote place. Various kinds of alert system such as SMS, phone call, Email etc. can be installed in these monitoring systems as required by the user.

  4. Temperature monitoring for hospitals


    Hospitals are highly sensitive places as many people with compromised immune system come in hospitals. Improper temperature in hospitals can result in spreading of germs and uncomfortable living conditions for sick people. Without proper monitoring of temperature hospitals can be quite a dangerous places to stay. We provide high capacity temperature monitoring systems throughout the GCC nation for hospitals and other health care centers.

  5. Temperature monitoring for clean rooms

    Cleanrooms are places where every parameter inside the place is strictly controlled. Monitoring temperature is also an important part of cleanrooms. Vacker Global has been supplying temperature monitoring systems for pharmaceutical clean rooms, food processing clean room, laboratory clean rooms and much more.

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  1. Dear sir,
    we export fresh fruit and vegetable to various destinations/countries,for that we need temp data logger for temp record,if you have any advance system we can adopt in future.

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